ADVFN & Winnifrith launch “Nifty Fifty” Web site!

The battle for the hearts & minds of online investors & subscribers broke out into open warfare today as ADVFN & General T  Winnifrith launched “Tom Winnifriths’ Nifty Fifty new web-site”


I have over the past few months covered the mass defections of staff and customers from here several times. I gather that there could be more news on the staff departure front very soon. I was considering offering £1 for the site but I think that may have overvalued it. Dick Gills’ sycophantic and deathly dull interview with Lombard Risk boss John Wisbey ( who just happens to own 10% of t1ps owner Rivington) was surely the last straw as far as credibility goes, the schoolboy stewardship of Dick Gill is sinking by the day.

The final nail in the coffin could be about to be hammered in today! I can exclusively reveal that a new site founded by the founder of, Tom Winnifrith, goes live today.

The new site has been set up by ADVFN with input from Clem Chambers who is a frequent co-presenter on CNBC and CNBC Europe. He has been a market commentator on BBC News, Newsnight, BBC One, CNN, Al Jazeera, Sky News, TF1, Working Lunch, China’s Phoenix TV, Canada’s Business News Network and numerous US radio stations. He has appeared on ITV’s News at Ten and Evening News discussing recent failures in the banking system and featured prominently in the Money Programme’s Credit Crash Britain: HBOS — Breaking the Bank and on the BBC’s City Uncovered: When Markets Go Mad. Chambers is a very big hitter and his team will have the muscle to wipe t1ps off this planet.

Winnifrith is producing all the editorial content and promises to be serving up 50 investment ideas for growth, income, recovery, gold and penny share stocks in the next five months. He promises videos with CEOs and a weekly “short letter” on stocks that look set to plunge.

Amazingly, given all the shit Rivington has thrown at “Tommo” the home page of his new website says “this is not a tipsheet, if you want a tipsheet go to” I doubt anyone will but I am sure the generous gesture is appreciated.  If you wish to sign up to Tom’s “nifty fifty” and I will be looking to beg a few Memberships for our Members with discounts of course then click the link below.

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