There’s an RNS Alert on Matra Petroleum. Yes you get all the breaking news here on the worlds favourite Blog/Site.

Unconfirmed Whispers are circulating that Neil Hodgson is as we speak about to land in Moscow. We tried to speak to Matras’ Exploration Director this morning but Neil was unavailable & his mobile was switched off could his batteries need recharging? Or is this in-line with CAA regulations?

It’s looking good for news this week. By now A13 must be pumping or about to pump some sort of oil. The company are confident of production here which bodes well for future investors. The 8/10p target could be reached a lot quicker than some think depending on how quickly the company can progress on from the expected success on A13.

The oil is there & there’s much more than 15.1 million barrels. Investors should expect the OIP to at least double some time this year (so says our contacts) which should have a massive calming effect on the jittery investor. Matra could be sitting on over 60/80 million barrels. The new seismic & the much vaunted A14 drill will come into focus after A13 begins producing. This will have a beneficial effect on the share-price. Funding is almost certainly nailed on, so thinks the Blog. Oil flowing! That’s my opinion.

Now is the time to get researching this company before the Markets crawl over it. Any good news this week will push this stock & help to change sentiment. The time is fast approaching; 2012 is the Year of Matra. The road to production has been long & tortuous but finally the company are on the cusp of production. “It’s 10p or not 10p!” That is the question! Big Gains here this year!


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  1. distortion says:

    Thanks for the news Dan. Fingers crossed for all in Matra.

  2. joshua1 says:

    BMD, Have you seen comment in Independent today!

    Regards J

  3. dragon-legend says:

    Hope this comes good, we deserve a bit of good luck