Aurelian Oil & Gas. Thinking out aloud.

Lions & Lion Cubs

Wake up & rise like lions!

Being the devilish type of person I got to thinking what would happen to the Aurelian share price if those current stop-losses were raised enmasse or changed by lets say 4/5p maybe an increase or change to stop sells at 25p. Thinking out of the box.

No doubt our friends the Mickey Takers (MM’s) would have to re-evaluate a new plan of action to get their thieving hands on the stock. Would the price rise? It most certainly would.  Just a thought!






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No Responses

  1. City worker says:

    Why are you disclosing market practices. What Market Makers do is legal. If it wasn’t for us there’d be no liquidity.

    Winterflood will get you soon enough you’ve tipped off Private Investors once too often, you anonymous prick.

    • Up she goes says:

      My, my, my, Delia. Pretending to be a worker in the city. You’ve got to laugh at some of the Buffoons that come on here. What’s wrong is your short all fecked up?

      Keep it up Daniel and well done ignore pricks like the above. It’s probably one of the goon squad from Lse or intercacktive.

    • miopus says:

      I’d like City worker to reveal to us all his real name. I find his tone rather offensive and think he should be barred from this site.

  2. Joseph says:

    Talking of manipulating mm s , take a look at the blatent rrl sp manipulation . Blocking orders sat on the bid for several days now .

  3. Frederick says:

    DAN!Please provide an update on aminex! We’ve heard nothing from you since april and are hurting very very badly. please mate, I’ve been asking for ages and surely we deserve an update by now….

  4. BarnstonPickle says:

    Top man Dan I nearly flogged the lot @ 17p now holding for over 20pence.

    Excellent Blogging article once again. Owe you a pint if you’re ever in Surrey. Whens the new sIte coming along? It’s taking a hell of a long time.