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No Responses

  1. Marcus says:

    Nice one! I think you will get a lot of respect for declaring you are out! Keep us posted with the next buy.

  2. Harry smith says:

    I did not know that you were declaring all your sales. This is the first one for quite a long time then going by your declarations!!

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s the 1st sale of the challenge. All buys and sales will be reported. That’s what was posted at the beginning of the challenge. Check posts.

  3. David B says:

    why now Dan? CAD just seem to be getting their act together
    David B

    • Brokerman says:

      Had to take some profit. Felt The challenge was stagnating. It will also help to offset the current paper loss on sle.


      • David B says:

        fair call, personally I’m not too concerned with SLE I can see them coming good 2H, any thoughts? Keep up the great work!!!

  4. John says:

    Dan, you going “all in” and put the CAD proceeds into SLE? Exciting few months ahead for SLE.

  5. GABRIELE says:


    • Brokerman says:

      Try 111% profit. Had to progress the challenge, even though I like the stock and see 100p as realistic.


    • Jimmy says:

      Todays news was good news, it will probably tick back down to 45-46p and of course further news to come. Just beacuse BMD sold doesn’t mean that they are a bad investment.

      He has done what all good traders/investors do, sell into strength buy into weakness

  6. kennyb... says:

    I’m beginning to seriously think the mm’s are trying to beat you Dan

  7. Katy Blue says:

    nice one Dan!

  8. George Day says:

    No John, not SLE. He’s going to put it all into MTA. LOL!!

  9. kennyb... says:

    I’m beginning to seriously think the mm’s are trying to beat you Dan,

    Abit of reverse pyschology will work me thinks…

  10. DNB says:

    i can see a purchase in vog or oex coming!!!!

  11. David leask says:

    what happened to your mta update promised last night!!!!!!!!
    Are you thinking of reinvesting proceeds of CAD in MTA?

    So far Dan you have been way off the mark each and every time surely one of these days you will get it right ,more by presistence than anything else .

    A reply to thsi would be much appreciated.

  12. David leask says:

    what ahappened to the MTA update lastnight !!
    and are you going to put sale proceeds from CAD into MTA.

    So far you have been way off the mark each and every time with MTA . Will you get in right eventually more by persitence than anything else?

  13. Ginger Rogers says:

    Hiya Dan have you looked into Angel Mining at all?

    Considering the spades of potential in its licenses not yet reflected in the share price could ANGM be one for the 100k to £1 million?

    Around 2p to buy from 7p at start of the year and could easily snap back up once the seller clears and with positive sentiment behind it !

  14. JULIE says:

    Hi Dan – Do you have any update on Bezant Resources?

  15. Dan says:

    Mxp finally moving dan

  16. Range Fan says:

    Get a bit of puntland exposure with the next purchase? It is getting closer 🙂

  17. Pyeman71 says:

    RRL or RMP, time is running out, EOY fast approaching !!