The new web-site is close to completion.

“Can you please take time to answer this poll. The new site is close to completion and I’m trying to get a general view as to the numbers vis-a-vis subscription. There will be an administration fee set for each subscriber the figure has not yet been finalised but in all probability it will be Below £150 per calendar year it may  go lower depending on the final costing once it goes live.

Thanks for your help




***Update just for clarification BELOW £150 actually means less than! Seems some are a wee bit confused. At the moment the final costings are being calculated we are debating whether to use managed  hosting instead of a dedicated server which saves money and also whether to postpone the online shop merchandising which will also help to subsidise the admin fees.** I am as always open to suggestions. Many thanks for all who have voted and expressed their opinion whether it be positive or negative it is very helpful.**

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  1. andrew says:

    i thought you said before that all current members of your blog email would get access to your website?

    also, how closer than the close it was the past 3 times you have told us?

  2. andrew says:

    i thought those who received your blog updates by email got free access?

  3. John says:

    If there is an annual charge for the website, will the blog still offer reduced content free of charge?

  4. Tom says:

    Hi Dan
    I am sure that I read on one of your past posts, that existing members would be able to join your website for free!
    Is this not the case or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

  5. Jonas is cool says:

    He never said it was free at all why is that people get these ideas into there head? He said he would reduce th e subs as far as he cold and try to make an across the board discount for subscribers. The sooner he gets it going the better then i wont have to read the rubbish on here. Its nobs from iii posting mis information what a load of goons theres on there. You dont have to join its as simple as that. Its no ones busines if he charges a subs at least hes in the open about it i dont see him putting a gun to any body if you want join then join if you dont then dont. Whats all the bloody fuss about?

  6. Nibor says:

    Dan, I’m afraid that as I have been investing ca UKP 150/mth (in penny stocks) for only 18 months, making 40 per cent net thanks in part to your help hasn’t been easy – buying/selling costs plus the MM’s turn have meant that it has been necessary to make ca 70 per cent just to break even; and, of course, day trading is not an option. I’m very sorry, but UKP 150 pa is simply beyond my means…

  7. Anton Gully says:

    A lot of web artists use cafepress for merchandise and I think it’s a doddle to set up so you shouldn’t postpone the merch to save money. You could set up a shop and be up and running within a week from here – based on what I’ve heard not personal experience, you understand.

    A hosted server is the way to go. It’ll scale with demand and a hardware failure won’t take out your site. I still think you should take a look at Squarespace.

    • Brokerman says:

      Thanks for that I will check it out. Although our merchandise budget is £3000 for stock which will go quite some way in helping to reduce the admin costs.


      • Anton Gully says:

        I wouldn’t buy any merchandise up front. Cafepress is print on demand for eg t-shirts and mugs. You don’t need stock. If you already have the designs for the merch it should be fairly easy to upload them and be up and running quite quickly.

        Other things can come later when the business model is proven, eg the ruby-encrusted back-scratchers etc.

        • Brokerman says:

          I’ve browsed the cafepress. site. Way over the top. I can get merchandise at half that on virtually every item they stock.
          Thanks for the help.


          • Anton Gully says:

            Okay! Just a thought. Obviously YOU don’t buy anything at cafepress. You link to the cafepress site and they pay you a commission on the sales. It’s a no fuss, no cost way to start.

            Interest rates are low so dead stock isn’t as serious a problem on the balance sheet as it might have been in the past. If you can afford to have the money tied up in stock and you’re confident it’ll sell eventually… however every time you sell a t-shirt the profit isn’t profit until you’ve paid off the entire upfront costs, then everything after that IS profit.

            Anyhooo… that’s me with my business head on. If only stock picking was as simple as wholesale.

  8. Anton Gully says:

    Here’s the cafepress link:

    Setting up your own web shop and keeping it secure… I wouldn’t envy the task. At least you could test the water with cafepress and see if there’s a demand.

  9. stevie says:

    Dan, to be fair 150quid or even anything near to that kind of figure is IMO a bit on the steep side. Now dont take this the wrong way ( an any handbag merchants that want to slash into my post be prepared to go head to toe okay luvvies) as you know I’m pro the site overall……
    The smaller traders would need some kind of incentive to fork that kind of lowie… do the subscribers get any of the following
    live prices/ level 2/a more informed insight that other non subscribers can not gain access to.
    Will there be an open forum where say some of the more informed pi’s could drop “rumours” ( we only ever deal in rumours anything else would be illegal ) that would most probably help others. Guess in time peeps would know who’s “rumours” are worth studying and whose are pipe dreams so the chaff would sort itself.
    Tom Bullshitter knows about as much as my hybrid wolf imo, contrarian investor or whatever he’s called knows even less but obviously eats dictionary’s for breakfast.
    You have a golden oppertunity here mate to take the top spot, but how do you surpasse what others do when some are free and some charge.
    3 mth money back guarantee????

    • Brokerman says:

      Well said but unless you want to donate 50k for the research/sources etc then there will have to be some form of self perpetuating revenue.


  10. ArtyMac says:

    Completely understand the overhead costs. Having read all of the responses, I have to agree with the train of thought that if the subscription was on a quarterly or monthly basis I would be far more likely to subscribe; even if the recurring subscription costs totalled £150 or whatever the final costing might be.

    What are the chances of a monthly/quarterly subscription??

    • Brokerman says:

      Slim to nothing. We need to know exactly what’s in the coffers to fund the research and pay the admin costs which run into thousands. Forget the design costs I can swallow that no problem but I cannot fork out 50k for research over 12 months. Impossible to give that away for free. One of the most important parts of the new site will be the exclusion of ALL of the well known boiler room posters and market bods that frequent the boards. Those boards are infected with multipule posters using different aliases. To be honest I don’t expect a huge take up but I do expect and know that just as this Blog has out-grown wordpress the new site will become a terrific success. Those in at the start will stand to gain the most. I can’tgo into detail as we need to know that confidentiality is assured.


  11. Gary says:

    Well BMD i enjoy reading your emails. i am invested in
    MTA, EO. & XEL , PXS, so far i am down 60% overall on my investments

    If i was 60% up £100 would be affordable, until then i will have to miss out on your emails. I wish you all the best with your new site.

    • AC says:

      Well said Gary, its not Dan’s fault but it has been a bad year so far and we are not feeling very spendyfull.

  12. Barnstonpickle says:

    Daniel grow some balls + stick to your business plan. If it’s 150 quid then it’s a 150 quid. Don’t let the moaners or wingers grind you down. You’ve helped thousands of investors for the last 18 months or so make millions mate. I’ve made 30k In the last 6 months directly as a result of this blog. I’m fully intending to pay whatever it is. People should grow up and remember that theyve been getting it free for the last 18 months. Web sites cost money to run so does research are you daft man? You’re to soft mate ignore the dickheads 150 quid IS peanuts mate I pay 10 quid a pop to iii at least 3 times a week plus stamp. aLL THE SITES CHARGE IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER BUT NO OF THEM HAVE EVER HELPED ANY INVESTOR TO MAKE MONEY YOU HAVE AND THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE. I’M in and i think you’ll find that the investing world doesnt revolve around several nobheads posting shite about paying 150 quid on iii or lse or advfn. As Steve says you’ve a golden opportunity so take it and make me more money! And toughen up.


    • Ian says:

      Not everyone has made money from BMD .

      I have actually lost money since i discovered this site in NOV 2010.
      I invested in XEL after the flow test and now i am down & glued to XcitEL for the foreseeable future because of the ramping . i just hope it will claw 80% of money and then i can bail !

      I won’t be paying any fee i wish i could make £30k but i am regretting the mistake i have made. I have been truly ramped ! savings down the hole !

      its my fault i don’t blame anyone now enough of the sob story

      We all are not rich like BMD some of us are still stuck in the low income bracket.

      So the fee would actually hurt private investors because most of us hve been battered by the markets since Feb 2011
      viva la loss

    • tee says:

      grow up and dont put people down like that, im not saying i want it to be free, just consider ‘revolution for small investors’ dans words, those who make millions as you say or 30k like u in the last 6 months are imo not ‘small investors’, people not able to afford somewhere near £150 are not nobheads, i think you should this is suppose to be helping small investors, not the big boys, cheers

  13. tonybaloney says:

    its not like people have to join they hav a choice join or dont join. You’ve helped thousands including me its the only site online that I know is really trying to help PI’s iii are robbing swines. Its full of sad old men who are jealous of your sucess. That mikeadmin chats pure dog poo he is as jealous as a rapist.
    im signing up so get a move on.

  14. AC says:

    Trouble is unless you can get a high take up you won’t get the BMD effect of share price when you tip a share which you benefit from once its tipped. This might be a good thing in fairness. There is a fine line between paying for research and bribing for insider info. You could get into trouble and I don’t want to be party to something illegal. If you price yourself out of a lot of the investors budgets you may find a new BMD type of individual may rise up and fill your place. I am grateful for your blog, even if you are a bit full of yourself sometimes with the ‘as foretold’ speel even when the news was only marginally good. I’ve gained overall by following, but not by enough to make paying £100 or so, there have been disappointments too.

  15. Vonny232 says:

    I dont think people are going to like the fact that this becomes a subscription service.

    Just stick to the free blog. I certainly wont spend anywhere near 150 quid.

    Shame its come to this…

  16. erf says:

    hi dan

    how about including RNS alerts within the subsription? i think maybe having a limit on the limits would be great idea. I’d sign up immediatly if you offered this within the yearly subs.


    • Brokerman says:

      Well it’s cost once again . Just check out the London stock exchange licence fee for RNS data. You’ll be shocked. However RNS data will be supplied in the future when the new site begins to shape up.


  17. che lover says:

    missing the point. It’s not £150. Read the article it says it crystal clear “Under 150” Jesus h christ n wonder Dans moving on to a paid subscription web blog. If this is the kind of empty headed nonsense that hes had to put up with for the last 2 stretch? I reckon it’s going to be about a tenner a month once it gets going. Its been brilliant this blog, most sane investors know they’ve had their cake and eaten it. I will of course be joining the flight to the new site if not just to be able to read sensible comment unfettered from the bull posted in comments sections like this.
    Viva! el revolutioairey

    • Lee says:

      What’s the point of the £150 figure then – as far as I can read it means ‘up to’ So could mean £149.95. It could work it’s way down to £120 or less who knows except Dan himself (maybe). But for the basis of current opinion we have to assume £150.

      No point being all defensive when we’re using what’s given to us.

  18. NK says:

    For people who subscribe, is it not likely that your information will end up on discussion boards anyway.

    Also your previous way of securing posts with passwords is not smart either..these passwords are available in minutes on other boards, and also people have the use of mobile internet.

    Their is nothing wrong with your blog and it has become a success. Why alter a formula that works.

  19. Not a Fan says:

    ‘less than’ £150 for what exactly? Sorry Dan, I just don’t get the idea behind this one. The fee is going to be less than £150 and shall be to cover the costs of running the site – therefore YOU make no money on it… Your current blog is free, you don’t make any money on it, and the new site isn’t going to offer anything more than you have now…

    What is the point exactly?

  20. Lordikon says:

    Hi Dan,

    The cost would be to high for me but i would be interested if you offered a service for the stocks im in. Maybe you could find out what stocks people are in and offer pay as you go service?


  21. tom says:

    ‘revolution for small investors’

    small, not big, the little guy, not the high rollers, you seem to be veering away from this Dan 🙁

  22. Oil Stock Lover says:

    I’m sitting on quite large losses at the moment after some disasters after the highs at XEL and EO, and my portfolio isn’t exactly large anyhow. Sorry Dan, but unless it was equivalent to £5/month, I can’t afford that. In fact, a lower fee might be better, as it might increase your sale volumes.

  23. Lookinglass says:

    Can we negotiate the subs down to a happy £49.95 pa. much more attractive, and a free BMD leather wallet with every sub, that would set a positive tone 🙂

    • Senora_c says:

      Lookinglass, I support your suggestion of £49.95 at least for a start. Then increases can gradually be built on. I am sure Dan would rather have 200 members paying £49.95 than 40 paying £150, if at all.

  24. Lookinglass says:

    And, of course, a BMD Cuban cigar for self congratulatory happy share moments (Only one per new member, further supplies available by mail order, each bearing the BMD logo)

  25. Tom says:

    Hi Dan

    This is not intended to offend in anyway, however I think you will be massively shooting yourself in the foot by charging any form of fee to subscribe!!

    Looking at the results to date, less than 25% would join and out of the 40% who say they will consider it, I doubt a third will decide to join, so you will end up with about a third of the members you currently have!!

    From past experience, every tip you have provided, has generally made the share price jump up a minimum of 10% and you are not telling me that there are not folk out there who are not capitalising on these mini rallies!!

    You must make good money off the back of us subscribers taking a position on shares you are already in and that is assisted by people putting your posts on forums and more people jumping on the band wagon etc.

    Therefore to cut your subscriber base by making people pay, will ultimately equate to these mini rallies becoming less frequent, as fewer people get to hear about the posts and therefore fail to take positions accordingly.

    As much as you are helping us in your posts, we help you a lot more by believing in you!!

    Like I said, not offence intended and I have written a load of waffle.


    • Brokerman says:

      I don’t take any position in the vast majority of stocks I post on I merely research them and post an opinion. If I was to say buy 2 million ntog then post some decent news about to be released even if the sp jumped 20% I think you’d find that apart from having to pay over the spread intially I would be hard-pressed to resell them at anything near the 20% gain in-fact the Market Maker would lock down the online dealing desk forcing a telephone deal which would result in an offer way below the spread and probably below what the inital cost had been. Then take out stamp and dealing costs and you’d be out of pocket. Try it and see.


    • Nick says:

      you’re spot on here, Tom. Couldnt been said any better.