Web Site Update. Inside Information.

Greed is good

Inside Information!

Here’s some inside information for all those seeking an update on the New BMD web-site!

Things are moving very quickly. I had a meeting on the 8th of March with the designers and developers and suffice it to say the site will be up and running in the not too distant!

The site will be a completely UNIQUE experience for subscribers and users. BMD will be forging link ups with several Brokerages to bring Private Investors into privileged  financial information loops. There will be UNIQUE tactics employed by  BMD & sources to collate and disseminate solid information. More of which the Blogosphere will learn of after the Web-Site Launch. T Minus 69 days!

Investors who are already subscribed to the BMD Blog/email prior to the launch will be given Premium Status Access. More of which will be explained in the coming weeks and months! A smart move here would be to subscribe now!

Viva! The Revolution!!!


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No Responses

  1. Monster Munch says:

    Awesome! Cannot wait!!!!

  2. Harry smith says:

    Dans the man! Well done my man nice to see someone creating some solid information site. Information is king!

  3. tony says:

    well done dan look forward to it

  4. Danny says:

    Can not wait too !
    BMD I’m really looking forward to the site,and really enjoying this blog.Thank you and kind regards Danny

  5. Adam says:

    Dan, will it be a discussion forum?? I am working on one now and I don’t want to duplicate effort..


  6. robert says:

    great news Dan,i hope everything goes to plan/ and well done regards /robert

  7. Tom says:

    Hi Dan
    Thank you for everything.

  8. robert says:

    great news dan,will look forward to it

  9. Jacqueline says:

    Moving forward all the time …..well done !!

  10. mushu says:

    Excllent news Dan. Thanks!

  11. richard says:

    This is a great blog and am looking forward to the website.keep up the good work.It would be interesting to see how your challange is doing on a realtime or regular updating chart.It would also if there was some way for your followers to take part in or set up their own challanges within the site – like different tables in a casino – 10k to 100k, 50k to 500k etc.. Keep well.

  12. thethinkingturk says:

    looking forward to the site in the near future!! I feel you should be vetting everyone to make sure those inthe city don’t benefit for it, it should soly be for pi’s IMHO

  13. Chris says:

    A site wide challenge would be fun. Virtual 20k, first one to £1m!

  14. chris says:

    nice one, good work dan.

  15. BrianBrian2 says:

    Small punters can exert some awsome pressure on stocks Dan, as well you know. so here’s hoping your new site will help dum dums like me and others like me, to even the score with the market breakers, sorry, market makers every now and then and if there is anymore “jiggrey pokery”, may the Lord adjudge it to be to our benefit. All the best with the website Dan.

  16. silveraw says:

    More to come from BMD that has to be good, an update to look forward to

  17. Philip santer says:

    Fantastic , but will we see more of the moderator

  18. Stephen Arthurs says:

    Well that is something to look forward to and I anticipate an enhanced experience with BMD…excellent

  19. mike says:

    Excellent news – looking forward to it!

  20. Jason says:

    Keep up the good work!

  21. Seany Mungersdorf says:

    Hi Dan,
    Great site -have been following it for the last year. I would like to subscribe 🙂

  22. aberdeenfm says:

    Think about feature, Daniel.
    it may be more than just a blog, but the whole community…