Financial Times. Hard Times for staffers….

The London Dungeon. Guillotine.

The FT Guillotine!

Rumours of a staff cull over at the Financial Times have been doing the rounds now for quite some time. It seems that our friends over there are trying every wheeze in the book to try to increase their circulation. Even going as far as to put themselves up for a charity lunch with the highest bidder. Any PR  is as they know good for business and it is hoped that this may have a beneficial effect. Their online campaign headed up by FTALPHAVILLE is known to be floundering they just can’t get the traffic to their site. Email subscriptions have tailed off. It seems that the model they are using (throwing out the odd old bone of broker comment isn’t increasing their online visibility) just isn’t cutting it with online punters. Not surprising really given that it’s a pigs ear dressed up as a silk purse. The broker comment posted is generally already in the public domain and can be found online by any investor with half a brain.

Just who in these days of cuts and more cuts came up with the idea that Joe Investor is going to waste several thousand pounds for the chance of scoffing at the trough with failing hacks is another sign of  desperation. Poor Lionel the  commander-in-chief hasn’t even got a bid!

The raw data is that some of the hacks have got their friends and family to bid on them to over exaggerate their own self-worth.  A good show in this pointless popularity contest could stave off the chopping block so goes the thinking by some.

The FT is a great National institution and it obviously needs a good clear out.

“Contracts will not be renewed and online heads will roll” so says our sources!

The public gets what the public wants.



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No Responses

  1. matt hones says:

    danny boy…

    you got royally mugged off on markets live today. chin up son.

    • Brokerman says:

      Really I wasn’t aware that I was on markets live? Probably one of the many imposters.
      Don’t use the site though I do get the paper,
      Big cuts coming through-out their industry.


  2. barnstonpickle says:

    No Dan! He means the morons that run the chat site were slagging you off. They always have a pop at the blog. they call you bin man Dan.
    It’s easy to slag some one off when they’re not there to defend themselves I know but this has been going on for months.


    • Brokerman says:

      O I see. That’ll be Nealanderthal with his crusty slimekick (leg)Brace ?
      Explains the increase in stats from ftalpha over the last few months.
      Keep it up boys all help driving traffic to the blog is greatly appreciated!


  3. Mike Jones says:

    Hmmm. Interesting Pickle. The mighty Financial Times with all their resources are turning their ire on Dan and his blog, you’ve gotta laugh at them they must see you as a threat Brokerman lets face it this is only a free wordpress blog but to have the FT talking about it is a real coupe de grace.
    There’s no such thing as bad publicity in this game mate.
    You’re coupe de etat continues.

    Keep up the great work you must be doing some thing right!