Sterling Energy The Misery continues……..

Misery (Soul Asylum song)

More Misery!

You’ll all recall the blogs musings on poorly managed Sterling.

Here we go again more misery for share-holders as they release another RNS telling the market of further bad news!

Alistair Beardsall’s( just like his predecessors) tenure has now come to an end after a stewardship that has failed on all fronts. Yet still dear old Alistair is staying on not as one would think to help and assist SEY to improve share-holder value but more in line with keeping his lucrative pay and perks!

The poisoned chalice has now been handed over to Angus MacAskill the new CEO. New improved CEO same shape, same colour, same company with a lower price and  a different name to add to the misery. How long before Angus releases further bad news?

It’s a right Carry on here!

Stay well away from this lot there’s more bad news on the way!



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