XCITE! Big Spike!


Big Spike!

RE-Posted! Due to the phenomenal success of this rising sp. Eyes on here for tomorrow.

Yes you get all the latest breaking news here on the Blog of all Blogs!

You’ll all remember Daniel informing the Blogosphere that Xcite should hit 200p this week? Well here we are ahead of schedule and why’s that? Well apparently there are several factors driving the sp.


Institutional buying. Yes Institutions are buying in here on expectation of a significant price correction! The latest company Epistle re’ the draw-down holds a significant clue as to where this stock is heading;

“Each share purchase warrant entitles Yorkville to subscribe for an additional share in the capital of the Company at a price of £3.62 (CAD$5.90) for a period of 24 months from the date of issue.”

Now if that is not confidence I don’t know what is!

Yorkville have a 24 month optional buy of XEL at £3.62 pence!

Rumours of oil flowing and being tested are driving the sp forward.

Now as stated several times in different XEL posts it is a given that they are already streets ahead not only on the drill side but on the forward planning side for Bentley production read the snippet below which I have Highlighted

“As stated in its press release of September 28, 2010, funding under the SEDA will be used as future working capital for the Company and to progress towards the first stage production of the Bentley field without delay”

I can’t emphasise this enough the company are informing the market that they are going into production (barring a North Sea tsunami!)

You have been informed many times by the Blog of all Blogs that XCITE’S partners BP etc are not there for altruistic reasons they are involved for financial gain.

If  it’s good enough for BP then it’s good enough for me.

400/500p looks very likely here. A big spike is coming.



NB. “Something for the weekend Sir?”

AND Another thing!!! Forget ARBUTHNOT’S Latest sp target it is nonsense! What’s the betting that they up-grade it significantly?

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No Responses

  1. romski says:

    But you still dont hold any ? am i missing something here lol

    • Chillaxed says:

      Yes a Brain!

    • Brokerman says:

      If I had the cash I’d be in like a shot!
      However financial commitments else-where ie; London Property buy preclude it!
      That’s life.
      Still the Blog isn’t run for my benefit it is for yours and all Private Investors.

      Good Luck.

      PS Please use a valid email next time otherwise it’s the spam folder for you!

      • Chris says:

        Any comments on the slander from the boys at Alphafile

        They really made some bad comments

        Whose to believe

        oH xel UP 12.2% 215 / 218

        • Brokerman says:

          Chris haven’t read them I don’t read the boards though no doubt I’ll get them emailed to me.
          Please use a vaild email next time you post.


  2. Joseph says:

    Romski does it matter ? Dan is experienced and prob wealthy enough to ignore his own advice 🙂

  3. Peter says:

    Thanks Dan

    “progress towards the first stage production of the Bentley field without delay”

    Also this vid is excellent reading nothing like seeing someone involved and talking about it in the flesh.

    There is not one hint of over egging, exaggeration or bull.

    Good luck all enjoy the ride.

  4. Pilesh says:


    My confidence in you has grown 200%, I saw a lot of post’s on iii and LSE which slated you and the advice you gave, which was concerning, but I put your advice of doing my own research coupled with your blogs and invested.

    It is quit evident now that these guys have no clue and are a bunch of nerdy day traders who do not have the right to criticise when they are so focused on making a quick penny rather than being focused on long-term gain.

    Keep up the good work and I thank you for sharing your expert advice and knowledge.

    Best regards

    • Brokerman says:

      Well I must say thank you very much.
      Always remember Pilesh that you must never take the word of any chat site or blog for that matter with-out personally researching the investment.
      Good Luck and thank you for the comment.

  5. Sarahjane says:

    Pilesh I know its a disgrace those sites are peopled by day-traders and shorters I used to use Interactive and started to notice how when ever we got a bmd post they’d rubbish it then a few days or weeks later when it came true there was utter silence. Dan told us all about gkp secretly plotting their move to the main market he was absolutely abused on LSE by a real nutter calls himself Mickyt21 Then low and behold a few months down the line GKP announce the’re off to the main market. No mention of Dan being proved write and no apology.
    I never invest in what dan posts on until i research it some time i invest others i don’t. It’s a great site this and its helped me enormously with its pointers thats all this site does it just helps to point us in the right direction. Its our money and its our choice. I haven’t got a lot of money to invest but my 5 tousand has now gone to 14 thousand 3hundred and 46pence in 4 months. i’ve cashed in a few shares taking out 4k as well so im on a virtual free carry. hopefully I’ll sell my xel at 300p keep my EO and await the TO.
    Dan any news on Matra?


  6. Asif says:

    I really enjoy your views, and hold GKP and xcite!!!


  8. rbarton says:

    Dan——Said to be the world s leading investment blog! After seeing you
    twittering with Duncan Bannatyne last night i thought it was time to buy
    more XEL shares ! great stuff !!


  9. Aj says:

    Thanks for the update Dan! I’ve been invested in XEL since May / June this year and I always saw the potential here. A great day for all investors. It looks like a BIG spike is coming on news.

  10. miopus says:

    I expect I’ll a load more abuse from “the Black Spanner” of ADVFN for this – but XEL is a much safer and more lucrative investment than DES, in my opinion.

  11. Chris says:

    Here is the snippet

    Neil Hume slapping down a poster mentioning XEL – “Binmandan pumping it. DANGER” – XEL is up another 8% today, 209p.

  12. Asif says:

    Hi Dan the man. Whats your views on GKP? What would a realistic take over price be? Thanks

  13. ftalphaville says:

    Hey Brokerman,
    Neil Humes been slagging you over on FTAlphavilles markets live.
    Whys that do you think?
    Do you know him? Says your’e “a Muppet”

    • Brokerman says:

      Well that’s Neil for you.
      Probably having a bad day!
      Lot of staff rumoured to be getting the boot over at the FT.
      Don’t know him personally though I have bumped into him several times in the “corridors of power”


      • rdemetrius1@hotmail.com says:

        hiya mate

        Do you think LGO is currently at a good entry price? all the best

        • Brokerman says:

          It’s not for the Blog to tell you your entry or exit points on any stock. You have to decide yourself.
          Research them and decide.


  14. RougeTrader says:

    dan you are indeed the man.. don’t hate the playa hate the game 🙂

  15. miopus says:

    Some of this blog and offensive comments were on ADVFN, and removed. However, iii DES board doing some sort of survey on you.

  16. Bob says:

    Bmd any thoughts on petroceltic this side of Xmas r we likely to got more than a fat man in a red suit or is this a long term hold ie 6 months plus

    • Brokerman says:

      I like petroceltic Bob but again it’s up to you to research them. They are certainly under-valued then again in these times of possible double dip recession most small oilers/company’s are. I do expect them to trend up over the next several months.

  17. KnowledgeFinder says:

    Hi Dan,

    Just a quick one to say keep up the good work. I like to be well informed and your info on XEL is very good indeed. Also, your take on Desire is spot on – what a waste of time that share is! £1 a share for no oil, only the possibility of it – give me a break! Rockhopper has oil and is only valued at 3 times as much per share. Its no wonder that we had a financial crisis in 2008/9 if shares like Desire are being discussed in the same sentence as the word “investment”!!! No doubt those that have gambled lots of money on Desire that they cant afford to lose will spit feathers at a post like this. Just remember that if Desire does strike oil – its a miracle, if they don’t – it was to be expected! Either way you will always be poor with an investment strategy including companies like Desire.

    Good on you Dan,


  18. Mark P. says:

    Thanks Dan. Great website. I like that it is focused on a few shares. Keep up the good work. I’m in XEL ( sold MATD as it was dipping to get into XEL ), the Mrs wants to sell some now and have the garden re-modelled now that ‘we’ are back in profit !!

    Mark P.

  19. RoughRide says:

    Dan, any more thoughts on Matra Petroleum? Having a good run with news soon…

  20. Jimbo says:


    Appreciate the info… Keep it coming! Any thoughts on other kurdish oil plays such as VST and WZR?

  21. bobbyshafto says:

    think that 500p is coming next day or so dantheman, AWESOME NEWS THIS MORNING. We’re sat on a £20 share here with all this oil.

  22. Forest fred says:

    Morning Dan. Just interested on your view of the GS ratings today. Desire = buy and Encore = sell. Desire has no oil and encore has plenty, how would you explain this to a novice puntvestor like myself?

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes I got that note this morning.
      I do note that they have a buy rec’ on Nautical and a sell on Encore strange really given that both are intertwined in various oil plays.
      It could be that the reason for the dichotomy is that Nautical are going on to production while Encore have stated there wish to sell.
      As for their buy rec’s on most of the Falklands oil explorers this may have some-thing to do with expectation re’ their sp rather than proven oip. But then again Goldmans maybe pushing their own agenda here. Re client lists and stock sells.
      I wouldn’t put much weight on it here particulary from Goldmans which has had its own problems and has proven to be poorly lead and riddled with inconsisent management. THE beluga boys at GS have a long way to go to get back their respectability.


  23. LT says:

    Dan, my horses are still on hold!!! Did you speak with Matra on Friday. When are you expecting to update the blog?

  24. alex says:

    What do you make of the Goldman Sachs Sell note on EO and Buy on NPE today?

  25. Bryce says:

    Love the cutting remarks on those two muppets running the ftalphaville site.That neil is a right snotty prick. Hes even nicked your Leni gas tip and is now touting it as his own.
    XEL looking good Dan.

    • Johnno says:

      Hey I know what you mean man. They seem to think that theycan dis other people, theyve been slagging This blog and internet tradersoff for ages bro’ then when dan gives them a few broadsides they spit there dummies out. Dan that niel is a right cissy he’s not followin you on twitter anymore what a nob. Check out Brycee lders moustache looks a right goon.

  26. Bob says:

    Bmd do u still believe EO has a double bubble to go I fear that the harsh weather off Aberdeen is starting to make some pi’s jittery as the galaxy rig languages on it’s mooring any pearls of wisdom?

  27. Bhavji says:

    Hi dan,

    Hey do you have any comments on today sp going down.. It seems that some bad news has leaked and this has bring down the sp..

    Is there anything to worry about ?

    Cheers mate

    • Conal says:

      Hey Im no expert but have been following stock market just over a year now. I honestly believe todays fall in share price is just a retrace from alot of investors jumping in on friday with the hope that RNS woud be released today, however when it appeared that wasnt going to happen many day traders and investors have pulled out and are hoping to get back in again at a later time. Which I hope will be some time this week.

      Thats just my opinion on things dont think theres too much to worry about.



    • Robroy says:

      Absolutely no bad news… just natural market functions.. share price rose to £2.80 after the POSITIVE RNS…many people decided to take their profit..price started falling… inexperienced traders/others wishing to secure their profit joined the sellers…. stop limits were hit….etc…etc..

      Often happens with rapidly rising shares…. XEL are on of the most reliable AIM oil companies when it comes to dissemination of information, so no need to worry about bad rumours at this stage.

    • Brokerman says:

      There is nothing to worry about here. As long as the flow test goes according to plan.


  28. Asif says:

    Hi Dan. Have purchased £5000 in Petroceltic. You still hold the longterm view that this could hit £1? Thanks Asif