GKP. Update. Strong Buy.

As posted on here you’ll all recall that GKP has been given a very strong buy rec’ on the blog over recent weeks. Now having witnessed the SP rise fairly steadily to the dizzying heights of 114p. most stock-holders should be well and truely in the black. Well done to all those stalwarts who have held out through the snipping,deramping and general ignorant posting that has plagued you all on the chat boards.

Rumours abound that the oil in place on  total GKP licence blocks could very well be over 20 billion oip. Takeover talks are as always never far from the city gossip mongers. It is my understanding that the further on we get through 2010 the higher the sp will rise 200p  will almost certainly be hit within a matter of months. Any positive company update will further push the sp. I really can’t understand how investors could of ever doubted that GKP are destined for great things given the amount of oil they are currently sat on. The only fly in the oil here is the politcal situation vis-a.vis the war raging around Kurdistan, that is the only brake dragging on the sp here.

Reset your targets to 200p/300p on positive news.

News could quite literally be in at any moment the city has eyes on here.


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  1. Dylan says:

    Nice one! Dan, do you know what caused the big spike in SEY today?

  2. cafers says:

    Thanks for the update, Dan.

    p.s. seriously dude, find a theme and stick to it! its so confusing finding different themes every time!