The Revolution has Come.

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So why should YOU Join Up? Unlike all other financial forums this site offers its members the opportunity to join a new community free from multi-alias posters who infest ALL current financial forums. The new site offers Private Investors a SAFE HAVEN where they can discuss,debate & RESEARCH their investments. Our community research forum enables members to request their very own research platform forum. The one rule being; “YOU MODERATE IT!”

If that wasn’t enough you get access to the musings of our very own BMD blogs before the market gets wind of it! And we ALL know from past experience what can happen when Dan wax’s lyrical about a company! There’s more! Dan’s got 3 research forums where he will be periodically inviting guests from the City of London to come on to the site & voice their opinions. You can grill them live in real-time.

Finally; don’t forget that we will be sourcing genuine Independent research from City Analysts paid for from web-site revenues! As well as Guerrilla Actions. We are going officially or unofficially, as the case may be, to the very companies that our members need researching. Site Visits!

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As part of the evolution of the “BMD Revolution” Dans’ gone mad, stark, staring, raving mad! We’ve cut it to the bone. Through-out the month of February & March you can join the revolution for £10,000 Per Month! Oops!!!!!!

Sorry slip of the old fingers there! 


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