About Us

The Brokermandaniel phenomenon began due to the amount of times BMD was banned from General Investor chat sites wrongly accused by some of the more malicious contributors of INSIDER TRADING. These false accusations resulted in Financial site administrators erring on the side of caution by banning BMD while removing all reference to the posts which were spookily accurate with their predictions. Indeed there was a failed attempt by some of the more Malicious posters (who felt that BMD had begun to steal the limelight on their chat forums) to try and unmask his true Identity suffice it to say that they failed miserably.

BMD quickly realised that these chat sites were Rife with multiple alias posters. Dan decided to Blog online with the genuine hope of shedding some much needed light into Market practice thereby trying to help Private Investors who always seemed to be 15 minutes behind the MARKET. The Blog was hosted on WordPress & became an overnight sensation with stat’s regularly reaching over 400,000 per month. As part of the evolution of the BMD phenomenon the Blog has now moved to its very own Independent site. It’s a known fact that Market Makers, Brokerages & City Institutions had been accessing the WordPress Blog.

The new site is strictly a Private Members Forum where GENUINE PRIVATE INVESTORS can discuss topical news, investments & stratagems away from the prying eyes of those who seek to manipulate, coerce & influence YOUR decisions for the betterment of themselves. JOIN UP & become part of a community that’s set to take on the City.

Love him or Loath him BMD posts can create a stir online & in the City of London.

Up the Revolution!