Nostra Terra Oil & Gas Exclusive Update? Soon!

Company Maker?

Company Maker?

As you all know events are running at full speed at Nostra Terra Oil & Gas. It’s been a terrific ride so far

What we here are trying to do is amass as much information on their new Wyoming asset before we write it up for our Members. Rumours that this could be a Company maker are circulating on various forums/institutions/etc.

So in order to achieve this we have had to start  from scratch because Wyoming is a new area that we haven’t encountered ‘before’. New sources have to be approached. We do this via several means. One of them entails contacting & cultivating sources in the Wyoming local press  (Non Company sources) which I am happy to divulge has now been established. (At some cost) As soon as our sources confirm our research then we will write it up and release it.

Maybe we could ask M Lofgran what this photo means? I’m sure he wouldn’t like to answer. If it proves to be what we have discovered then it could be price sensitive. Mr Lofgran may have bitten off a rather large piece of ‘apple pie’. Come on Matt what does this photo tell you? Apart from the fact that we here are on your tail! :-))

Expect news from BMD on Sunday/Monday on the potential transformational situation now engulfing Nostra Terra. (LON: NTOG)

Take a look at the exclusive Picture emailed over last night from the States.




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