Brokermandaniel Website Change of URL

URL Change


Just a quick note to let the faithful know that the URL will be changing to which will incorporate the Daniel Levi Infamous Libellous BMD Blog!

There’s also a lot of costly work currently ongoing changing the registration and email subscription process’s as well as a server move etc. (Fear not rapscallions it’s just a re-packaging which will allow automatic free subscription for all)

This is inline with our current strategy of sourcing good solid information for guerrilla investing. The change should have happened in February 2013 unfortunately the finances to fund the changes had to be diverted to fight our costly Sefton libel defence which under a confidentiality agreement I cannot divulge the outcome of. Suffice it to say cash has now been freed from the BMD Defence fund!

The changes should kick in over the next several days, depending on how quickly the most excellent Vanilla Storm can implement them.

The Revolution continues!


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