Sefton Resources. EnviroMENTALS!

I was going through some of our evidence today and thought I’d release an article on what is a crucial point on the fraud that is Sefton Resources. The point is WATER.

Never mind the shocking funda-MENTALS here. What about the enviro-MENTALS?

A quick check of the Sefton DOGGR data reveals the fantasy perpetrated by Ellerton and his Board. (Mr Morris excepted)

In 2010 sefton produced      53,761 barrels after pumping in 30,286,452 gallons of water 147bopd

In 2011  this dropped to        40,176 barrels after pumping in 33,638,178 gallons of water 110bopd

In 2012 it increased  to          42,498 barrels after pumping in 34,351,380 gallons of water 116 bopd

The fact is that they’re having to increase the water/steam injection just to stand still. The water is poisoned it’s known as Class2 water.

Taking in to account the numbers above adding them together and dividing them by three we get their average which is 45,260 barrels produced in a year equating to 124bopd after pumping in 32,758,670 gallons of water.

So here’s a very salient point. We know that water disposal on site is a MAJOR limiting factor. It isn’t the water per se it is down to the pressure and geologic formations. Jimmyliar has been telling people for years that production is going up to 1750 bopd 900bopd or 800bopd. Let’s now suspend reality and imagine that Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy descend upon Tapia and leave Jimmy a bag of cash; say $30 million dollars.

Jim starts his Steaming.

Times the average production over the last 3 years by 10. You get 1240bopd X 365 =452,600 barrels of oil a year.

Now,  how much water have they had to use to get to this figure? 32,758,670 gallons X 10 =327, 586,70 Gallons of water. I’ll round it down for simplification.

327 million Gallons of water. We know the pressures and formations have to be correct to dispose of this poisoned water.  Hence why DOGGR are strict they don’t want this stuff leaking into the water-table. Now back to reality and the Truthfairy.

Where’s it all going? Down the drains?  No it’s not going anywhere because it’s not ever going to happen. No oil producer is ever going to pay $30/50 million dollars for such an enviroMENTAL headache. Close to bust! Get out now!



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