t1ps.com It’s a right old “Carry On”

Just a quick one for all those lovers of City gossip. A check of the newspaper at ADVFN sees that now not only is t1ps.com founder Tom Winnifrith, or as I like to call him ‘Winnifroth’ writing there but so too are senior t1ps writers Zak Mir & John Piper. The word, on the street (Rivington Street) from sources close to ADVFN, is that Steve Moore, Winnifriths erstwhile t1ps.com “successor” who stormed out last week after defamatory articles about Winnifrith were published in his name (and without his knowledge) will start writing there within a few days. Moore will no “Moore” be writing for t1ps.  The airbrushers have now completely removed all trace of him.

So I wonder, why would anyone pay for a subscription to the t1ps owned Zaks-TA website when Zak Mir is now writing on a free for access basis at ADVFN? It’s ludicrous! The word is that Mir ( who is god father to Winnifrith’s daughter and was also unimpressed by the articles) has also tried to resign from t1ps. I hear gossip that another big name defection to ADVFN is imminent. Which begs the question of just how long can t1ps.com survive?

So just who is writing t1ps.com these days? The whisper is that David Linton has also handed in his notice at the Street of shame. They’re dropping like windfallen apples.

The website claims that it is written by Mir, Simon Cawkwell (aka Evil Knievil or the “fatone” as he is known to me!) and the double barrelled Robert Sutherland Smith. Having established that Mr Sutherland Smith ( aged 77) in fact works only half a day a fortnight I ask who is in charge? Who writes the t1ps? Who is at the tiller of the good ship t1ps? Who writes what subscribers are meant to pay good money to receive? I think we should be told. Perhaps Jim Mellon himself, the boss of t1ps owner Rivington, has stepped into the breach? Maybe it’s Faulkner who writes whatshot.com or Dick Gill who is meant to be writing the Microcap site. Who the bloody hell writes what?

Winnifrith, Mir & Moore again could not be reached for comment. It seems that these high-flying City dudes would rather keep their powder dry than talk to a Northern angry git! But sources close to ADVFN suggest that the launch of Tommos’ new website is now imminent. t1ps.com morale must be lower than a grasshopper. It can’t be helping subscriber numbers. Of course we here will be monitoring t1ps and may very well step into the breach & take the site off their hands for a nominal £1 if it all goes t1{t}ps up!



PS I suspect that this story is far from played out…

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