It’s a totally new concept developed by BMD for Private Investors whereby you as the Private Investor take proactive measures to ensure the fundamental foundation of YOUR Investment. Join forces with like minded Private Investors behind an encrypted wall to discuss and plan Actions for the sourcing of solid INFORMATION. How many times have you been behind the Market curve? How many times have you been locked out online from trading? How many times have you been thwarted by Market Makers when in a winning position? How many times have you been given the proverbial “Brush Off” by the company? Are you sick of being treated as Market Cannon Fodder? Why is it that Private Investors are always last to get the information that really counts? Do you really believe that when companies announce an Institutional placing with a discount for the Institutions that the said Institutions are investing on what you the PI know? Wake up! All Institutional Investors receive privileged company information NOT available to the lowly Private Investor. It’s time to fight-back. It’s all about sourcing solid INFORMATION. We will be using our own BMD site generated revenues for YOU to research and source information germane to your investments!

By joining the new BMD Forum you will quickly realize just how far behind the Markets you have been. The new Forums will consist of genuine Investors who are capable of assisting with research. There will be NO members of the new BMD site operating under several different screen-names as is the case on ALL the financial chat sites! One Member, one screen name! It’s time to take up the cudgels and fight for your rights as an Investor. (NOT open to Financial Institutions or ANY Financial Services Employees. Please read our Terms & Conditions for clarification). You are entitled to the same consideration as any Institutional Investor!  Collectively there is power for Private Investors. We will organize and orchestrate Actions to achieve our Aim. The AIM IS profit!


‘Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number –
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you –
Ye are many – they are few.’

*Percy Bysshe Shelley*


Viva! The Revolution!

Daniel. L

*Warning* This site is a Private Members site NOT open to Financial Institutions or ANY Financial Services Employees. If in doubt then please read our Terms & Conditions for clarification or contact the site at administrator@guerillainvesting.co.uk