The Alleged Downing Street “Affair Pair” Named

I can’t believe that national newspapers and top of the tree politico bloggers are running scared of naming the “alleged” names being mentioned all over the Internet concerning the Downing Street Affair. Of course it needs to be remembered that it is “Alleged”.

So without further adieu  the names being bandied around on twitter, Facebook and the rest of the world are; Mr Andrew Coulson and Mrs Rebekah Brooks.  I make no comment as to the truth of these allegations merely the fact that these are the “Names”

Patently obvious to all and fundamentally stupid to try to cover up what is already doing the rounds up and down the length and breadth of the UK.

I look forward to No 10s’ writ, gagging order, super injunction or withdrawal of my citizenship and a place at Bellmarsh Top Security prison. I believe the food is very good.


Guido Fawkes? Who?






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