‘The 3 Israeli’s. The ADVFN Takeover Is On! £4?

As those that follow Guerrilla Investing will know, from my scribblings, in April and May of this year I predicted that a takeover of (LON: ADVFN AFN) was on the cards, being progressed behind the scenes and funded by an Israeli group of mega wealthy corporate elites, lead by the former ADVFN Director, Professor Yair Tauman, who increased his holding from 9.44% to 18.31%.  Then enter the arena his ‘bestest’ business buddy, Israeli Mr Ron Izaki who owns and manages the IGI Group: Izaki Group Investments. IGI is one of Israel’s largest and longest-established private real estate development companies. IGI hold 4.31% of ADVFN

Unknown to most at the time was that those behind it had attempted to take control in 2015. That attempt was eventually fought off by the present board.


For those that don’t know the history, it went like this. In 2015 an attempted ‘putch’ was launched, the share price went through the roof breaching £1.50p, as the group, posing as Sweet Sky Ltd and Shellhouse Ltd ‘Officially’ declared 25%, which most believed was closer to 40% through the dark arts of undeclared ‘other’ parties holding stock. i.e. An undeclared Concert Party. 


Fast forward today’s TR1 from ADVFN disclosing a further 9.66% holding from yet another Israeli ‘Professor’ Dan Horsky. That brings their total declared holdings in ADVFN to 32.28% effectively swinging the Takeover Pendulum in their favour.  Make no mistake: That’s ‘a Concert Party’ which has gone over 30%. Market Rules dictate that they have to make an offer for the Company!

In order to wrestle control away from the present board, to avoid a repetition of the costly legal dogfight that thwarted their 2015 ‘kick the doors in’ requisition the Israeli Group maybe ‘Knocking on the door‘ as you read this with an offer. That ‘offer’ will have to be at a substantial premium to the current SP of 73p. Sources indicate that £4ish per share gets them home and dry without the need for a Requisition, that would almost certainly end up in ‘legals’,. How high could the SP go over this week?£2/£3 anything is possible when you know the history….


The Israeli’s, as we say, have, ‘Got Form’ having previously taken control of a little known company called QXL, which changed its name to Tradus, which then went on to massive value rises, ultimately QXL/Tradus, was sold for a whopping £946M to Nasper.

Horsky was born and lives in Israel. His worth is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Collectively the group are probably worth billions Horskys’ career is a colourful one, to say the least, he’s taught and lectured the cream of Swiss banking talent, at among places, the prestigious University of Bern in Switzerland and has over 30 years as a professor of business administration, finance and banking..


So there you go. It’s a takeover.


Good Luck







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