Union Jack Oil. The Truth & The Trolls! Exposed!

The shitposters & online trolls were dealt a severe metaphorical swat to their amoeba like brains today when a TR1 from Union Jack Oil (LON: UJO) landed announcing that one of their major holders, who held 7% of the company does in fact still hold 7%, post the Company placing.

Sadly I, and others, have witnessed some of the most disgusting and offensive diatribes over a sustained period of time directed at the UJO Major shareholder, Mr Christopher Williams (Chris Oil) claiming all sorts of deliberate spiteful, malicious accusations. Ranging from having indecent images of women, paedophilia, en-masse expletives and various false claims of financial irregularity. Complete and utter bare-faced lies. Why people do this is more a reflection of what they themselves are doing ONLINE. Ergo you start accusing someone of being a ‘nonce’ then chances are you’re hiding something ‘Noncy’ yourself. Falsely accusing some one of financial shenanigans or having a penchant to masturbate into socks, same same…

It is a criminal offence to maliciously accuse innocent people of sexual crimes and rightly so! Calling an innocent man a ‘nonce’ online can have devastating repercussions of the ‘vigilante‘ kind.

The Runcorn Troll a.k.a Michael Whitlow

The main purveyor of this kind of filth is The Runcorn Troll a.k.a Doc Holiday real name Mr Michael Whitlow of Runcorn, Cheshire, (an ex sewage worker) or as most know him Shitlow! A vile troll with a history of vile abuse going back years. Whitlow was banned from twitter 2 yrs ago for similar behaviour and has sneaked back to continue his disgusting abuse under the guise of a ‘financial commentator’ where he regularly pumps and dumps companies that pay him via his shell company (Volant Services) to massively over-promote. Whitlow is the biggest coward currently spewing out most of the above. It’s sheer jealousy, spite Image result for online trolland envy of a person making substantial amounts of money on their investments that underpins most of the abuse. Nomads, companies as well as their PR representatives are constantly peppered and maligned with false accusations. The Modus Operandi of Shitlow is well known….

Now moving on to Union Jack Oil, what investors/traders fail to realise is that people like Fraser Lang and Mr Williams have backed the company with substantial amounts of their cash. As such they, just like you and me, can buy or sell their stock whenever they please. Some, like Fishermans friend, Gary Newman & Tom Winnifrith seem to be under the delusion that Major Shareholders need  their permission to sell/buy. Not-so! So long as timely notifications by TR1 holders, are adhered too then it’s the business of the Major Holders how much they have or haven’t made on their investments. You can speculate on how much etc But what you can’t do is state that they’ve sold out when today’s TR1 RNS clearly states that, that hasn’t happened.

Will there be an apology? I wouldn’t hold my breath on it…






NB. Gary Newman has tweeted to me that he has apologised. Fair dinkum etc.



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5 Responses

  1. LSEman says:

    I’ve seen some of the abuse. It’s really bad.

    If I was Coil I’d report it to the police. There’s a large body of tweets/podcasts out going back a long time to support a report for police action.

    About time twitter cleaned these rats out, #imho

    I hope his children haven’t had the miss fortune to read any of it. I’d be straight down to the local plod if I was subjected to such evil.

  2. MistralWaves says:

    Me too. You guys would be mortified if you seen some of the DMs on twitter and in the groups. Sickos.

  3. ibn says:

    As a holder of 80m UJO shares, the only worrisome piece is the apparent failure to treat all shareholders equitably. Obviously some were involved in planning the placing and would have been able to sell into the rise knowing the placing price and effectively take the placing for free. That said, we are onto a monster here.

    My back-of-a-cigarette packet calcs say
    1. WNA : npv $247m
    2. WNA2: same again (just gas)
    3. WNA2 Liquids – nil (consevatism)
    4. Cadeby- 88m boe (potential) x $10 barrel + $880m

    So there’s about $1bn with upside x 16.65% = £150m UJO – then there’s more anomalies, and the liquids impact at wna2 will demand a review of seismic data as who knows where simliar finds may be located… then there’s the total licence potential…which starts to look like an Aladin’s cave…

    So – put more meat on the bones and the licence can be sold for $3-$5bn – c. £400m – £700m for UJO – c.3,5- 6p per share….and, the race is on….all this PR isn’t for investors benefit, DB is dangling his thong is the faces of the majors…who gets horny first will be interesting, but not as interesting as who has the biggest wallet

    • Dan Levi says:

      Good post. Packed full of decent opinion. If & it’s a big ‘if’ a placee sold after being on the inside they & their broker would have been caught. When you’re made inside on a placing your name goes on the ‘Insider List’. Very easy to monitor…….. Unless you have several accounts, lets say in your wife’s name etc.

  4. Tommo says:

    Always enjoy your stuff Me Levi.