Nostra Terra Oil & Gas. Fraud with a capital ‘F’. ‘Gone for a Burton’.

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Investors really need to take note of the lies and deceits of the well known fraudster and liar running the scam that is Nostra Terra Oil & Gas ((LON: NTOG). I’ve high-lighted this POS many times and each and every time I have been correct. Two weeks ago the Ex Estate Agent Mormon shyster, (Twat) Matt Lofgran, was running around with that other well known shyster outfit Total Market Shite (TMS) telling all & sundry that they would not be raising money and didn’t need too. While at the same time organising another placing. This was tweeted, posted and cowboy-casted out over all the financial platforms by the paid P&Ders.

Lies, Lies & More Lies….
Total Market Shite! Strikes Again!

Total Market Shite is the brain-child of one Mr David Burton, who was booted out of Vox Markets, when they decided to clean up their act severing all ties with him & the P&Ders he’d introduced to the Vox platform. Now that’s fact. So it should be no surprise that TMS and the Burton Pump & Dump crew all found comfort together again taking payments from shyster companies, like Nostra.

Misleading investors into proven shite companies, taking backhanders, trading the stock while heavily promoting company changing events is nothing new. The best way to think of it is as a bit like the ‘Time Share’ scam. Suckers get sucked in, fed horse-shite, part with cash. Leave with a head full of magic clutching worthless timeshares, then get wiped out. It’s only after the event reality bites. The scam moves on focusing on the next set of suckers. Rinse repeat ad-infinitum.

The Crook Of Mormon.

The simple truth on Nostra is as plain as the nose on your face. Lofgran has raped, lied & deceived gullible investors in the company for 10yrs. He’s wasted tens of millions of your cash. It’s had more bullshit assets, trumpeted as company changing plays than you’ve had hot dinners. RNS’s galore, Placings galore, Consolidations galore, Dilution galore. Debt galore, Assets galore. Production has never ever covered costs. It’s stripper well production. Marginal, exhausted fields/wells bought for a few thousand dollars to ‘Flesh out’ the ‘Jackanory’ are never going to transform a company. It’s cash burn out-strips it’s highly costly minimal stripper well production. It will always dilute and place to raise cash because there’s always debt. Here’s a prediction. Shares in issue will yet again double from where they are now. Then they’ll double again eventually breaching one billion etc. etc. etc. That’s the ‘Modus-Operandi’. Rinse repeat Mug Punters and always keep changing the ‘Jackanory’.

Take some advice all you ADVFN/LSE/III Posters. Walk away there are plenty of decent oilers out there. This isn’t one of them. It’s a Fraud with a capital ‘F’.

If you had invested £100,000 in Lofgran on day one of his tenure then you would have less than £100. You put money into NTOG then you will ultimately lose the lot. It’s run by a liar who shorts his own company and will carry on diluting and placing until you’re all ‘Gone for a Burton’.

Work it out!

Viva! Dan

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6 Responses

  1. Mr Big says:

    More shocking lies from the Pump Dump Crew when is the FCA going to shut TotalMarketSolutions down

  2. LSEPoster. says:

    You said it many times Daniel. Yet still newbies fall for the con. Matt pays and takes out £250,000 in salaries/expenses. He’s made millions. That doesn’t include his free shares and options. Aim Regulation should close it down.

  3. Ritchie says:

    You’ve red flagged this POS. Why do fools still run with it. It can’t be that the ramping gang is believed Dan? It has to be that we think we’re clever enough to get out before the crash.

    As a Yorkshire man I see right through it. Where’s brass there’s skullduggery, it’s just a trading confetti share, imho. Lofgran knows what he’s doing. These “keep the lights on” bailouts fool no one. It’s abeen known in the past as Ndog. Nowt comes out. How do you fathom the stupidity of people who’re perpetually swallowing the dog poop?

    • Dan Levi says:

      Ritchie, they all know whats going on. No investor or trader swallows this eternal shite which should tell you what? They think they’re smart enough to get in and out before the dump.


  4. PaulyPaul says:

    Not Burtons first time, Burton and Doc ramped JAN quoting the fraudster and liar Masterman that he wouldn’t raise funds below 5p. As we all know, JAN raised at 3p and investors lost money.

    forward to around 8:30sec.

    I have screenshots of Burtons deleted tweets promoting, clearly he and doc were selling to investors and bought back in the placing, complete crooks the pair of them!!

    • Dan Levi says:


      You know and I know exactly what their ‘game’ is. As does TW, Lucien, Zak, Richard, Evil, PJ and every and any one who actually follows the markets daily. Wholesale fraud being committed by Total Market Shite. Even the P&Ders know it. They just use the ramps to enter/exit. Filthy game these two are taking payments left right and centre to ramp worthless stock. Then when it blows up they scream and blame others. Such as the UJO duster apparently it was all Chris Oils’ fault that a million years of geology failed…. Shocking situation. AIM, I believe, maybe their case. Rumours of investigation into NTOG.