ShareProphets ‘Individual-1’ & Dev Clever…

Last week saw a real ‘Cheap Shot’ taken by “Individual-1” (Tom Winnifrith) & ShareProphets on myself. Apparently headlines were screaming thus: “A shameful ramp by Brokerman Dan, that is to say Dev Clever”.

Well let me put on notice certain facts. The article was written by Gary Mac, a Dev Clever HNWI share-holder. Now Gary, is entitled to his opinion and if anyone asks me can they post an article on a company on my site then providing it’s well written, can explain why they like or dislike a company in common-sense English, then they’re more than welcome to post. Hence Gary’s post. But to release a head-line impugning myself and this site from a site that has been involved in more scandalous racketeering than a New York crime family, really takes the proverbial ‘Piss’. It’s Trumpism at its worse. ShareProphets is a good site but it’s not without its skeletons. Some known, lots not…..

Of course like all things there’s a back-story here to why Individual-1 has tried to attack Dev Clever in the head-line deliberately lying about ramping and who the author is, and it’s a real shitty back-story. But first let me give you all some colour as to it.

The UK Investor Show is penned for the end of March 2019. It’s a great show and as such it has to sell stalls, sponsorship, tickets etc. I being a ‘person of interest’ was asked by Individual-1 to see if I could help on several companies that the Show were trying to sign up. Now remember there’s usually a commission involved in UK Investor Show sales. You bring a company and they pay you a fat commission. Keep that in mind, very important. Being the thoroughly ‘straight shooter’ that I like to think I am and bearing in mind Individual-1s good behaviour over the last 12 months and the Shows ownership having been sold to Mr Nigel Wray I thought it not unreasonable to assist.

My history means that I have to forward think, to look back optically as to how my actions could be seen further down the line. Not because of the usual pump and dumpster detractors, they’re par for the course for any Journalist/Blogger, but because I have to be whiter than white when it comes to The FCA & the Aim Team. Who, rest assured, know which Bloggers, Promoters and P&Ders take payments. The market is littered with duplicitous fookers taking undeclared payments and, or, Big Fat Juicy Commissions. So with this in mind I never take commissions or payments. 

I specifically made sure it was stated in the tripartrite communications betwixt myself, Company A,B,C etc & Individual-1 that I do not and will not take any kind of remuneration/commission. As legal as it is to take a commission, I don’t. I Am Not For Sale. Although there are many exhibiting at the UK Investor Show, I would not assist or recommend a POS shyster company to go to the UK Investor. Last year I refused legal payments of over £50,000. That’s a fact. If I believe a company is decent or a sham then I write it as it is. Yes it annoys people but it’s why this site has 10,000 plus signed up members. There are no fees being ‘skanked’ out of PI’s here. There’s no monetisation. Zippo!

Of the companies I was asked to help get to the UK Investor show one of them was ‘Dev Clever’. Apparently Individual-1 was having some difficulty closing. Chris Jefferies wasn’t returning telephone calls/emails. This was because Jefferies was in and out of contractual meetings. (Not known by the Show). DEV, has been listed for less than a month, has a great team with real potential. Which is why it’s SP has fared very well post IPO. It’s moved up on speculation of major deals being signed. It’s not moved up because Gary Mac wrote his opinion on my site. In-fact as of writing, their SP is below what it was when Gary’s piece was published.

DEV has no history of shyster-ism unlike quite of lot of the POS’s Individual-1 has taken payments from, such as Red Rock Resources (LON: RRR) Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (LON: NTOG) Blue Bird Merchant Ventures (LON: BMV) to name but three companies that have a history of blatant shyster-ism. All three heavily RAMPED on ShareProphets. There are plenty of others… Come on down Optibiotix and virtually every fooking company that Adam Reynolds brings to market.

I had a conference call, organised by share-holders, to speak to CEO Chris Jefferies, at 9am on Friday of last week on behalf of Individual-1. On Thursday afternoon ShareProphets put out a wholly miss-leading headline in their Bolloxcast. That was designed specifically to bludgeon Dev Clever to take a stall at the UK Show. Unbeknown to Shareprophets and their Bolloxcast on Thursday, Jeffries had already decided to take a stall. So, my riposte to Individual-1 is this. Do not use ‘Dirty Tricks’ to get Dev Clever to pay you for a slot at The UK Investor Show and woe betide you & your site if you ever try again to use your ‘skulduggery’ sullying my site and my name. Put an end to your racketeering ways.

Do I make myself clear Tom?



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4 Responses

  1. Daniel Victor says:

    Let’s hope you and Tom manage to patch things up before the next Woodlarks walk.

  2. Rangers4EVR says:

    Daniel, “straight shooter” not the best analogy fella. 🙂

    Credit to you, says a lot about this market when one of the best commentators is a former bank heist merchant who doesn’t take bribes.

  3. Paul Mc Alea says:

    Keep up the good work. Thanks.