Buy (Dev) Clever! Target up to 50p!

Target Up To 50p

 Further releases of the Vanguard game are to include “Pay to Download” and “In App. Purchase” versions downloadable for mobile users via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, VR users via the Oculus Store and PC users on windows, leading to full cross-platform integration to include users on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

What have we above? It dropped yesterday via RNS from Dev Clever Holdings (DEV.L) the standard list newbie has come to market with a silent bang. A bang that by all accounts, industry sources, familiar with their strategy and tech offerings, believe will get louder and louder. I’ve high-lighted certain key value drivers from yesterdays RNS, But the biggest value driver here is this: “full cross-platform integration”.

Dev CEO, Chris Jeffries, continues pulling the drawstrings, revealing what’s likely to be going on behind the curtain since starting the listing process. RNS news should show the way. Will it reveal more of the bespoke software development company’s 3 channels for their products and services? Namely “Educate, Engage, Evolve?” More to follow on that soon. First, we have the appetiser.

Back to the game itself. RNS yesterday. Last year Epic Games, the privately held Potomac Maryland based Co, propelled by the stellar success of their Fortnight gem, announced that it raised $1.25 billion as part of a major new investment round. Some industry experts and speculators attempted to put a value on the Maryland Company of anywhere up to $15 billion. That’s right folks that’s billions of Washington’s. Now of course one must make “A leap of faith” for the venue “pay per play” launch of “Vanguard: Fight for Rudiarius” being likely to bring such lofty valuations to the door of Dev Clever Holdings. At least not anytime soon. Investor dreams territory it may seem today, but tomorrows reality is a very real possibility.

Speculation mounts in certain private investor circles that this company is about to do something quite special in the market to perhaps deserve much more than ten cents on the price. We are not dealing in pounds shillings and pence here.

It’s rumoured their venue pay per play launch is soon to be followed by the game app launch in online venues  listed so far as “Pay to Download” and “In App. Purchase” mediums for downloadable mobile users via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, VR users via the Oculus Store and PC users on windows, leading to full cross-platform integration to include users on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Let that sink in. This Company has an endless supply of Grade A business partners. Rumours abound of deals, it’s hotting up and the SP is reacting to such. News is coming and it’s big.

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At this point in time the litmus test for a game or app that’s said to be piquing the interest of one or two major players in the sphere will truly start. On the game app and venue version we can address the success of both the company promote and the natural player reaction through in app punter wallet opening more thoroughly.

All a bit sudden for a newly listed company? Well here’s where the back story gets interesting. This isn’t your ramp standard lets float an idea and hit the brokers to see if the retail will buy it five minutes in the making ‘ramp n go’ with loot job by all accounts. No, five years in building the start-up are the hard miles and we are told 18 months downstream of a prolonged listing process, we have, it seems a ‘virtual’ in this reality dam of news, contracts and progress to look forward to being released. Self-funding during that time. Progressed ideas into products. Will major partners take an interest? All that and more right here as a possible self-selling story evolves. Target up to 50p on any major news that drops.

‘Gary Mac’ (HNWI & DEV Share-Holder)

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3 Responses

  1. PaulG says:

    Yippee…. I got these at 8p. Holdingtight. My target is 27-8pence.

    Dan, there’s an RNS next week.

  2. GamerTrades says:

    Lot of people still unaware of Dev. Fantastic potential which is why, once peeps learn their potential, SP will rise. They’ve got a credible board and real Deal flow. Only a question of time here fellah.

  3. Vanguardian says:

    The potential here is so diverse for a young tech co that it’s as impressive a proposition as I’ve seen. Chris Jeffries and in turn DEV will be hailed as an overwhelming success story. The long either on pipeline here is so pressurised that they’ll struggle to keep a lid on it all. Won’t be surprised to see major names emerging as partners in the very near future.