Andalas Energy Investors Face Wipe-Out Via CONsolidation & Another Placing…

Today yet again we have ‘yet again’ another scandalous placing & acquisition RNS and a Board change RNS from the corporate crooks who run Andalas Energy & Power (LON: ADL). Make no mistake these fookers are running true to form. The RNS’s contain blatant lies. Which I will expose further down in this ‘Epistle to the Morons’.

Mug Retail Punters woke up this morning to yet more horse-shit via the bush-tucker system. I say ‘Bush-Tucker‘ for good reason as my sources, who are 100%, have kept me informed on #ADL at every twist & turn. More of why I’m using an Aussie term further down in the blog…

What is happening at Andalas Energy? Well I’ll expose it and expose it in full! Today’s Placing/Acquisition wasn’t news to me as I already knew months ago about the new asset and knew on Thursday/Friday that the joint cunts, Novum & Optiva were lining up a placing. Sadly I only had 2 sources. (The BMD rule on solid info is that I have to get at least 3 separate sources unconnected with each other before I run an article.)


Investors who are currently holding ADL stock are in for a wipe-out via a massive share consolidation and another placing. Todays RNS’s contain blatant lies. Gorringe has stated; “Indonesia offers significant potential and we remain committed to our existing projects and strategy there”.  This is a blatant lie.

As is this; “On behalf of the board, I would like to extend our thanks to David (Whitby) for his service to the Company, he brought passion for Indonesia to Andalas and we wish him well in his future endeavours.” 

New Name. New Asset. New BOD. Consolidation & Wipe-Out. Rinse Repeat!

David Whitby, outgoing Chairman, said “I am proud of what the team has achieved in Indonesia, whilst the Company has not done enough to show the market that the foundations built over the past few years will generate shareholder value, I am confident that I leave the Company full of opportunity. I wish the team and shareholders all the best as Andalas executes its new focused strategy, which has the potential to make 2018 a significant and exciting year for all involved.”

For a company to opine such blatant shite in an RNS is testament to how detached from reality they have become from their share-holders. There is no shareholder out there who, hand on heart, would agree with the utter shite above! Whitby and Gorringe have decimated ADL and raped it since day one with a series of worthless paper deals. Not one therm of gas or drop of oil has been produced, yet tens of millions of pounds have been fleeced out of UK investors. They’re now being paid off to fuck off. For Whitby or indeed any of the sad sack of shit that run this company, to state such utter bolloxs gives away exactly how they see shareholders. Gullible fools bent over & willing to be repeatedly financially sodomised, with the help of the likes of BigGob, Bellcunti & the Gunslinger a.k.a Doc Holiday etc. You’ll all remember them with their incessant ‘Share of The Year’ shysterism…


Those who are basically shadow directing ADL have no intention whatsoever of progressing Indonesian assets because they know they’re paper assets and worthless. The plan which is being shadow directed by Paul Hayward (Block Energy) Novum brokers Colin Rowbury, James Sheehan & Optivas Christian Dennis, (you may recall some of those names as these were the people who installed the crooked Whitby crew (and kept it going) at the beginning of this long, sad, tortuous tale and what a tale it has turned into) is to reinvent ADL and slowly flip out the majority of the board quietly over a period of months, bring in new blood, while at the same time changing the company’s name, employing professional PR/IR and changing the emphasis/direction of the company. Hence the new asset…. It is a reinvention of the wheel, a passing on of the ‘cash cow’ that allows those at the pigs trough to keep feeding and filling their pockets.

And pray tell just where in the name of God are ADL going to get their 14.75% share of an offshore drill in the North-Sea for the Licence P2112 ? The cost of which is up to circa £50,000,000 sterling…. It cannot be done unless they jettison the entire Board of ADL and run away from Indonesia and wipe out existing shareholders via a massive Consolidation and placing and that folks is exactly what those shadow directing this POS are about to do!

As for the rest of  Licence P2112 who is going to come in? My sources are telling me that, that other super sodomiser of UK Retail Mug Punters, Solo Oil & Gas (LON: SOLO) are also in discussions with Eagle Gas LTD. And we all know who really has their fat sticky ‘didgeridoos’ in SOLO. Come on down the fat Aussie Liar and corporate conman His Excellency ‘LordLieAlot’ take a bow David Lenigas!


Wipe-Out on the way ADL!


Have a Good Day Cobbers!





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3 Responses

  1. Paul. says:

    Another excellent piece. You know I thought “billions I tell ya billions” would turn up. He usually does.

  2. david says:

    great post again Dan

  3. Paul. says:

    Yet another(again) brilliant expose. Great detective work. And again hilarious.