Mkango Resources Recruited Pump & Dumpers! Reposted.

Pump & Dumper Trying to silence the TRUTH!

Defamation Complaint to Google
Google Inc
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Received on March 31, 2017
Google Inc
Re: Unknown
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Legal Complaint
These are further articles by the same blogger which have been brought to my attention by business acquaintances – the other two you have removed from Google search already. Each article is riddled with untruths and defamatory content against my company and myself which may have a material impact on my business going forward. As per the below I have outlined yet more misleading and damaging statements. I have since seen other articles relating to this blogger and if he has evidence he always posts it as any financial blogger should. The reason he has not is he has nothing to back up anything of what he has written, it is simply an attack at me as part of a proxy war between him and one of our firm’s clients.
Defamation Claim #1
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It’s another day and it’s yet more dirt on the biggest POS on the London AIM, the pumped & dumped worthless Mkango Resources (LON; MKA). Followers and detractors alike will be aware of the current pump & dump which is ongoing on this company.

Today I expose and name the names of those who have been recruited and some of them paid by Dubious Dziubinski, the serial pump and dumper who runs Jub Capital. A tiny one man band bucket shop which is not only in control of the Mkango twitter feed but was instrumental in bringing the then basically bankrupted MKA to London from the Canadian TSX-V market.

Gob, Dic & Bell. Pump & Dumpers

Dic,Gob & Bell Pump & Dumpers

Come on down Big Gib, or is it Big Gob?, Mike Whitlow, and Belcourtoi, all three have and were approached and recruited by Jub Capital/Mkango to pump & dump stock. That is 100% fact.

They’re using various platforms/ruses to ramp. A site called Momentum Trading and their twitter accounts to ramp up the MKA share-price. You can see it in real time on twitter, Level2 trading and DMA (Direct Market Access). All share rises are sold into by Jub Capital. Whitlow, aka Doc Holiday, receives payments through Volant Services, another one man band company operating out of a notorious well known paper company address on Finchley Road London. The ex sewage worker described himself as an ‘Investment CONsultant’ which when pointed out to him was illegal and in breach of FCA regulations was quickly changed.

Belcourtoi runs Momentum Trading where he promotes MKA, while Big Gob promotes them through Momentous Events. A company that receives remuneration from the bucket shops and worthless AIM ‘lifestyle companies’.  All three cross pollinate online via their twitter feeds, fake BB accounts, podcasts and lessor known blog sites. Helping to pump up micro cap companies. All three are in direct contact with each other and the companies they ramp. ‘Dubious’ Dziubinski leaks information on a regular basis to the rampers. All three have or had stock and have been given warrants. Of course all three will deny it. As is the way of low level conmen.

Research has also discovered that MKA are actively involved in paying online sites, tens of thousands of dollars, for so called ‘independent articles’ on sites like ‘Mining Africa’ which are then spun out to punters as independent media coverage.  The fake articles get pumped out by Mkango, Dziubinski, Jub Capital and their recruited twitter rampers. All the while ‘Dubious Dziubinski’s’ Jub Capital are flipping out stock. This week they flogged up to 1,000,000 while tweeting and ramping on MKA. Every rise is sold into.

The assets of the company are worthless and cash is running thin. After six years and $15,000,000 spunked away while listed on the TSX-V market, Songwe Hill is what it’s always been and always will be. A hill in the jungle surrounded by nothing other than hills. The Jackanory coming from the ‘Ramping Crew’ that MKA will not place for 18 months or the wealth of untold Rare Earth Minerals just waiting for a JV partner whose going to pony up $216,000,000 for a slice of a $4M company is self evident. MKA assets are piss poor and need hundreds of millions of dollars to progress. Money that they simply do not have and never will have. You can read all about them HERE.
The game being played out is to get the MKA SP over 6p so that warrants can be converted for a desperately needed cash infusion.

Stay well away from this utter POS. It’s worthless and as sure as night follows day it will run true to form. Dilute, place, burn cash, rinse repeat…



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