UKOG, ANGUS Energy & the Liars Now Exposed In Full! Lenigas & Bell Sold ALL their Stock!

It’s with great guffaws of laughter that I pen this epistle to the United Kingdom Oil & Gas (LON: UKOG) & Angus Energy (LON: ANGS) Mug punters.

Fatso Liar

Today as foretold by yours truly we had the ‘super dooper’ news of a £10,000,000 death spiral placing as well as an update on the “Billions I tell Ya Billions of Barrels of Oil” weald basin fantasy perpetrated on the dumb and uneducated mug punters by David Lenigas not forgetting the likes of that other well known bullshitter and liar Andrew ‘Calamity’ Bell. Both sold up a long time ago while exhorting the mugs to pile in as it was ‘Billions I tell Ya Billions of Barrels of Oil’. Now let me educate the ‘Mugs’, if David Lenigas & Andrew Bell really believed their ridiculous claims they wouldn’t have sold would they? A simple statement of fact that is self evident.

The wheels have well and truly come off. After all the ramptastic David Lenigas lies the truth has finally landed at the erstwhile Broadford Bridge ‘Gusher’ and landed with a big bang! 370 barrels of completion fluids & a £10,000,000 Death Spiral Finance Placing. The last time I checked there was no market in ‘completion fluids’. And of course there will be no promotional video of them pouring CONpletion fluids into bottles! Aussie scumbag and liar extraordinaire, Captain Ramptastic (David Lenigas) has, as is his ‘Modus Operandi’, left the building. A burning building! Lenigas sold all his warrants and probably every single share, a quick check of Captain Ramptastic tweets and promotional videos should leave you in no doubt as to the duplicity of a man telling people there’s enough oil to keep the lights on in the United Kingdom for decades while he sells out his discounted stock and warrants into the liquidity orchestrated by his constant ramping. Of course you the mugs are left holding ‘Turkish Delight’.

Big Nose Liar

The Jermyn St Mob have once again played the mug retail punters for exactly what they are. Mugs! Incapable of reading a balance sheet and researching.  When renowned Global Geologists, such as Professor David Smythe and The British Geological Survey tell you that the “Billions I tell Ya Billions of Barrels of Oil’ is a pipe dream that could never be extracted and even if fracked is not financially viable and politically disastrous then there’s only one way it can go. That is to it’s logical conclusion. Exposed as a piss poor bread and butter drill at best. Of course those that have foolishly chose to believe corporate scammers over world renowned geologists are even now posting such utter shite that they really shouldn’t be allowed out on the street without two men in white coats discreetly following them. However unpalatable the truth is you can always rely on this site and my good self to tell it.

The Truth Tellers!

We are all still waiting for the Anus energy, oops typo, Angus Energy RNS to the Mugs explaining just why their 10,000 1,200, 1,400 barrels of oil a day, two tankers leaving Lidsey for the next decade every day etc. Which they secretly briefed to their hoards of Mug Punters who’ve been tweeting and posting on such ‘illustrious’ BB’s as London South East hasn’t materialized.

The simple truth is that there’s no news because there’s major problems getting the oil to flow. If they could get it to flow they would have announced it like ‘Shit off a shovel’. The production from Lidsey is going to be piss poor and just like in their Xodus CPR the numbers are going to be a few hundred barrels at best which will quickly decline. Lidsey will end up shut in and worked over many times. Now I know this because I have researched it very thoroughly. As for the joke asset that is Brockham, do we really want to go there? It’s shite. There’s a placing coming at Angus that’s because they have no money to progress and any production isn’t going to cover their running costs let alone the cash to progress their share of the Holmwood drill or the PLC costs. I know this because I have read their balance sheet and unlike you, the Mugs, I can work it out. Which is why I am constantly right while the Mugs are constantly left holding Lenigas  ‘Turkish Delight’.

Do yourself a favour and get in the real world and realise that once you escape the Lenigas Matrix of Lies & Deceits you’ll actually begin to lose a lot less and win a lot more.






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