“Manchester Calling!” Midland Hotel 6pm August 15th. Be There!!!

As you all may, or may not be aware, there’s a super fantastic opportunity in Manchester on August 15th 2017. That is the Cassopeia Services Investor Symposium  Four companies are now signed up, Echo Energy, Berkeley Energia, Karoo Energy and Zenith Energy. This is a big opportunity for investors these are four quality companies! They are not the usual piss poor fodder run by deceitful bastards who are only there to rape retail investors. The Presentations start at 6pm. Do yourself a favour and get a ticket. It’s all about an edge is investing and trading and trying to get that ‘edge’. Golden Opportunity here.

The companies are genuine oil & gas and mining plays. They are quality. This is exactly the kind of potential investment/s that real investors/traders should be focussed on. What’s more each CEO I can personally vouch for as a ‘Good Guy’. People who are genuinely trying to create value for their shareholders and potential shareholders. Each one of these CEO’s are flying tens of thousands of miles around the globe, whether that be to China, South America, USA, Botswana, South Africa etc. They are not sat on their arses wining and dining out on expenses or flying 1st Class on company ‘jollies’. Good people are few and far between on the AIM. Get your tickets HERE

Of course ‘yours truly’ will be moderating the Q&A and as the moderator I have invoked the Chatham House Rule, anyone not familiar with it should get up to speed. When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.”

Now remember this is very important. If you attend you can report, blog, tweet what you want regarding whatever may or may not have been said to you. However you cannot give out the name/s etc.

There’s a sumptuous buffet with drinks provided. With an Italian flavour no less… I’d have preferred some ‘Jerk Chicken’ but I don’t get to make the decisions, being a naughty boy.

Some come along and if all else fails you can heckle me and throw pound coins.   🙂

‘Chow’  ‘I’m learning Italian lol!!!



Register to our Symposium Manchester:

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The Midland, 16 Peter Street, Manchester, M60 2DS 0161 236 3333 Get directions

For additional information and, or, if you need help with accommodation in Manchester please contact pamela@cassiopeia-ltd.com


Register your interest to our next Symposium in London do not hesitate to contact Stefania Barbaglio, Director of Cassiopeia Services stefania@cassiopeia-ltd.com

Cassiopeia Services are proud to present an exclusive series of Investor symposia across the United Kingdom. Designed specifically for London listed companies and retail investors, promoting transparency with personal face to face communication directly to their investor base. Our specially tailored evenings are aimed at offering board members the opportunity to get to know their investors, share their company plans, answer questions thus establishing stronger relationships with their retail base.

Cassiopeia Symposium Manchester

August 15th 2017, The Midland Hotel

starDirectors of four London listed companies, including one of the country’s leading CEO’s, James Parsons, will be in Manchester to present their companies and future development plans, alongside natural resource market analysts and fund managers together with High Net Worth Individuals from the North of England.

Companies Presenting

  • Echo Energy (LON: ECHO)
  • Karoo Energy (NEX: KEP)
  • Zenith Energy (LON: ZEN)
  • Berkeley Energia (LON:BKY)
Echo Energy

Echo Energy plc (LON:ECHO) reborn from Independent Resources (LON: IRG). The hottest company currently trading on the London Alternative Investment Market. In March 2017 the City was taken by surprise when a new team, including James Parsons, were parachuted in to save and restructure the then ailing Independent Resources. Investors have seen the SP rise by over 1200%. The similarities of the success of Sound Energy (£530MkCap) directly attributed to James Parson the CEO means that Echo are still very early stage.

Echo Energy

Karoo Energy (NEX: KEP) is an exciting NEX Listed Growth Market company focused on the exploration and development of major assets held in unconventional gas, shale gas and coal bed methane deposits in Botswana (Africa). Karoo’s strategy is centred around the development of its potential shale gas and CBM prospective resources in Botswana, where there is an ever growing demand for incremental local and national gas supplies to feed into potential modular and scalable gas powered generators. Botswana is a significant net importer of electricity, with demand for electricity estimated by the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) to grow by 3-5 per cent. per year over the next decade. With existing infrastructure running below capacity, domestic supply has a ‘demand gap’ which is only expected to grow, thereby providing the Group with a significant opportunity. Botswana out ranks South Africa as one of the most stable politically mature democracies’ on the African continent with the longest continuous multi-party democracy.

Echo Energy

Zenith Energy (LON: ZEN) is a London-listed Canadian oil & gas production company, operating the largest onshore oilfield in Azerbaijan through its fully owned subsidiary, Zenith Aran Oil Company Limited. Zenith also has a number of natural gas producing concessions in Italy, through its subsidiary, Canoel Italia Srl. Zenith’s overarching strategy is to identify and rapidly seize opportunities in the onshore oil & gas sector. One of the pillars underpinning Zenith’s goal of increasing shareholder value is the Company viewing its expansion as equally important with the consolidation of existing producing assets. Growth is pursued with an awareness of the inherent risks of unfunded commitments, the dangers of over-stretch and the importance of a rigorous due diligence in the pre-acquisition phase. Zenith prefers to invest in areas where infrastructure already exists and to apply its expertise in modernizing pre-dating equipment, making oil practices more efficient and thereby maximizing oil/energy production.

Echo Energy

Berkeley Energia (LON:BKY) is a high impact, clean energy company focused on bringing its wholly owned Salamanca Project into production. This world class uranium project is being developed in an historic mining area in Western Spain. Following recent ministerial approval, Berkeley Energia has now received all European Union and National Level approvals required for the initial development. Berkeley has been awarded UK company of the year, alongside Sound Energy.

Why attend

  • A bespoke opportunity to meet face-to-face with management & the companies’ directors, learn about their strategies and discuss potential investment opportunities
  • Discover potential ‘new’ investment opportunities as you meet like minded proactive investors within the retail investor sphere.
  • Networking with peers & companies is information gathering. A must for any serious investor

Company presentations are scheduled to start at 6.00pm. Drinks before and after with an Italian delicatessen buffet will be available for all guests.

Who should attend

Cassiopeia Symposia are organised for all retail investors, sophisticated investors, high net worth community, institutional investors, brokers as well as industry experts and analysts.

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