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Today’s the launch of

Jekyll & Hyde.

Two New Tips Today!


J-H-640x390-01-17Yes it’s a paid Newsletter or as COMMONLY KNOWN A Tip Sheet…. What makes it different? This is what ADVFN say; “In this newsletter two well-known market players go head to head in what will be one hell of an investment/trading battle throughout 2017 as they write you their tips in a bi-monthly edition each using his own financial strategy to make money.  Get both sides of the action at once with investment ideas from ADVFN’s own Clem Chambers as Dr Jekyll and investment Wildman Brokerman Dan (Daniel Levi) as Mr Hyde” You can sign up HERE

Well I actually say this. What makes Jekyll & Hyde truly unique and different is the dynamics, the dichotomy of the two individuals. Dr Jekyll (Clem) is the archetypical establishment man. He’s the chairman of the Conservative Carlton Cricket Club  a wealthy individual from a some what privileged background, the CEO of the worlds biggest financial website, ADVFN, a dyed in the wool business dragon and acclaimed author who in his spare time collects Castles. He lives in one and owns three. A famous globally known Treasure Hunter. A connoisseur of fine art and an artist to boot…  Jekyll is a member of the famous ‘around the world in eighty days’  Reform Club, while I was a member of a ‘Reform School’! He’s a value investor investing in accretive dividend paying under-valued main market stocks. 

Jekyll and Hyde are two human beings thrown together by Karma, from completely different ends of society. About as far apart on the social spectrum as it is possible to get. Mr Hyde (Me) collects cigarette cards, Chinese snuff bottles & worthless tat! Brought up on the mean streets of the Manchester slums, most notably the notorious, riot torn Moss Side. The prodigy of social depravation and criminality. Jekyll in his business life has risen to the top, while I, forever to my shame, rose to the top of my ‘Profession’ which is well documented. Yes I was involved in crime and was on the radar of every police force in the United Kingdom, including Special Branch and Interpol. Such were the bad choices I made three decades ago.  I learned, I educated myself, I am ‘reformed’ I am not a criminal. ‘Honestly Guv’. I paid in spades for my mistakes and paid a high price, nearly two decades behind bars. I deserved every day of it. My debt to society is paid in full. If you don’t like it then do not sign up for J&H.

There are many ‘Tip Sheets’ out there masquerading as shareholder friendly, most receive some form of remuneration from the companies they tip. They are ‘Tip Shits’.

Jekyll & Hyde isn’t there to make or take money from companies. It’s there to give informed opinion and reason as well as a walk on the wild side for share-holders and investors/traders alike. To buy or not to buy, to risk or not risk, to go for dividends or astronomical SP rises. There’s no format out there like it. It’s a head to head. Establishment V Anti-Establishment.






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