Mkango Resources & Market Abuser Adam ‘Dubious’ Dziubinski. Bang To Rights!

Mkango logoIt’s looking ever bleaker at Mkango Resources (LON: MKA) as the liar who runs the one man band paper company Jub Capital, Mkangos chief Pump & Dumper,  Adam ‘Dubious’ Dziubinski, was finally forced out from his rock to post a blog on the Jub Cap website no less lol! Talk about desperation…. Trying to deflect away from the utter disgrace that is Mkango and his market abuse on that stock and others, such as Sula Iron & Gold (LON: SULA). The piece penned is 100% fantasmium and will not in any way shape or form deflect myself from writing the truth on Mkango.

Dziubinski is guilty of market abuse, a leaker of inside information and involved with passing tid bits of info to well known pump & dumpers on social media. If the conman would like to make a legal challenge to my allegations then I urge him to get his solicitors involved. I will be only to happy to metaphorically kick his arse all the way down the Royal Courts of Justice steps.

Bang to rights. Market Abuser Dziubinski

I have cast iron concrete proof of this mans market abuse. Not only has he been passing inside information via telephone, email and other vectors but he has been passing and forwarding other brokers CONFIDENTIAL emails. Emails that contain inside information & market sensitive information, such as placings, potential director changes, finance, company strategies and the like. Any broker, CEO or company dealing with this man should contact me at for a full run down of this shysters market abuse.

How did I get the evidence? Well one never reveals sources. Suffice it to say it is cast iron and in the bag.

Back to what investors and commentators should be asking the Mkango head honchos.

1/ Why was it not announced in the IPO documents that Early Stage Opportunity Resources Fund (which held 13.8% of MKA) was administered and controlled by Dziubinski?

2/ Who from the Company placed the advert on for $200,000,000 of funding?

3/ Was the Nomad, SP Angel, aware that Dziubinski was in control of the Mkango twitter feed?

4/ Will the Nomad now verify exactly what trades, buys & sells of Mkango stock, Early Stage Opportunity Fund and Jub Capital have made?

5/  Was the Nomad aware that a ‘meeting’ between Christopher Williams, Dziubinski and the company in South Africa took place? I use the term ‘meeting’ loosely it was an actual plot to ramp MKA.

6/ In the 2016 Q2 results why are Mkango adding in the value of unexercised warrants into their cash position? This is wholly disingenuous.

7/ How much of the IPO money was used to pay off their Canadian liabilities?

8/ What fees and package did MKA dish out to ‘Dubious’ Dziubinski as part of his involvement with the IPO?

9/ Will the Nomad be attending the Mining Maven, Mkango rampfest on Nov’ 17th 2016?  (I advise SP Angel to be there)

10/ And lastly, Mkango and Jub Capital are briefing and stating behind the scenes to gullible retail investors that they will not raise cash for 18 months. This is a lie. Can the Nomad insist that MKA clarify this wholly inaccurate statement?

Don’t forget folks myself and the fraud buster Tom Winnifrith will be attending the 17th November 2016 rampfest where the company will be grilled on many issues not least of which is where has all the IPO cash gone and exactly what is their current cash position. I have it at below £200,000. With liabilities now over £500,000. Which doesn’t include deferred Director remuneration that is running in the hundreds of thousands of pounds…. Zippo cash….







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