New World Oil & Gas. The Choice; Win with Reynolds or Delist with Bullivant.

The clock is ticking on New World Oil & Gas (LON: NEW).  Investors and holders of the stock will be all too aware of the travesty that has unfolded since the ill-fated short squeeze that was organised by Metal Tiger (LON: MTR) & the band of ‘merry’ pump & dumpers who lie through their teeth and continue to lie. One sap was telling investors that NEW were “The share of the year”.

Of course those with a brain that can actually function beyond the ramptastic lies spat out on an industrial scale by the BB Loons and twitter trolls know all too well, that the Company has a huge task ahead, if it’s going to come back from suspension. The loss to shareholders has been in the millions.


Good Guy. Adam Reynolds

I caught up with City of London sources last week and again yesterday. What I was told and basically already knew, is that the blame for the company being were it is right now is firmly resting on the deluded heads of the wannabe ‘NEW’ Director, internet troll, Gary Bullivant and the scumbag, drug dealer Ben(t) Turney, who’ve been constantly making accusations all year round, behind the scenes, regarding conspiracies and fraud within the Company. Bombarding the FCA, Aim Regulation, Nomad and anyone and everyone who will listen with emails and telephone calls, while orchestrating others to do the same. The Big Sofa deal crumbled under that weight. The toxic poison of, in the main, unfounded allegations and conspiracy theories, eventually killed the Big Sofa Deal.

Solicitor’s, which are costly, are now having to sort out the mess and once again Adam Reynolds has to mop up the vomit…..

The toxicity of Messrs Bullivant & Turney has brought the Company close to extinction. Bullivant is trying to get on the Board of Directors. His corporate qualifications are non-existent. He is an online troll, a blood sucking tick seriously damaging New Shareholders.  The Big Sofa deal could have propelled the sp towards many multiplies of where it now languishes. Reynolds had worked tirelessly for months to get that deal signed off. It is now dead in the water specifically because of the poisonous Bullivant.

Share-holders should back Adam Reynolds and vote down Bullivant, at the forth-coming AGM 04 November 2016, otherwise they could end up with Reynolds walking away. My sources are telling me that Adam Reynolds was very close to throwing in the towel but was persuaded to stay and finish the restructuring.  If Reynolds walks then it will be the end of New World Oil & Gas. There isn’t a Nomad who will touch them or work with Bullivant. What will happen is this. Turney will then come in and attempt to hijack what little money is left in the company. In the same way as he’s tried and failed with Sefton Resources.

Troll Bullivant

Troll Bullivant.

Remember this is the Bullivant who tried to extort tens of thousands of pounds for ‘investigative services’ from the ill fated CFO of Sefton Resources, Raylene Whitford. A completely deluded man who thinks he’s James Bond but actually looks like a Nonce on protection in jail. I’ve read all of his emails to Whitford, believe me he is a fantasist with no idea whatsoever of the inner workings of the corporate world, his presence on the board will destroy the Company. It is TOXIC. In the requisition for the resolution you can read just how off the pace he his, describing Reynolds as the ‘CEO’. Reynolds is a Non Executive Director.

Adam Reynolds is a good guy, one of the few. His history is one of successful turnarounds. He should be taken very seriously when he states thus:  “The Board does not believe that there is any need for Gary Bullivant to be appointed as a director of the Company nor for the Company to incur additional costs that such an appointment is likely to entail.” 

I expect to hear ONLY AFTER the AGM if the Nomad, Beaumont Cornish  will stay on. My guess is that if Bullivant gets on the Board and Reynolds walks then the Nomad will not continue. If share holders vote Bullivant down then you are all back in the game with a Nomad. That is the choice facing NEW shareholders.

If there are any share-holders left who can be bothered to vote then vote this ‘crank’ down otherwise it could very well be the final curtain.






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3 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    The toxic two. Bullivent + Turdey. Two odious low life’s. I feel sorry for Mr Reynolds. I bet he rues the day he ever got involved with these Muppets.

    Good piece Dan.

    Keep it up fella.

  2. david10brook says:

    Excellent investigative feature we need more like you Dan.

  3. Mike Pesren says:

    Daniel San… Adam Reynolds is the man to restructure NEW. His track record is excellent. I was at the general meeting. Adam was furious. Bullivant turned up late. Obvious to all there that this smuck was out of his depth. They’re chancers and will destroy, and are destroying the company. My votes are going against this idiotic fool. I urge holders to do the same.