Message to Andalas Energy, RNS or I Will!

Tick! Tock!

Sadly for the poor souls suckered into Andalas Energy (LON: ADL) by the $600,000,000 fantasyman, CEO Dave Whitby and his pump and dump gang, news on the current situation has and is being deliberately withheld. Andalas should have released an RNS on Friday 22 April 2016, explaining exactly what the situation was within their company. The readmission document should have been published BEFORE the 22 April 2016. The key word in the RNS of 26/10/2015 is ‘BEFORE’

If Sarah Wharry, the Nomad from Cantor Fitzgerald, and the Andalas Energy fantasyman Whitby, do not update the market by 4pm this afternoon, then this site will unofficially release the news.  It is a disgraceful situation whereby their shareholders are being treated as nothing other than lemmings. Whitby, Brand UK their SPIN DOCTORS and Sarah Wharry have shown no regard whatsoever for their own shareholders. Tick! Tock!





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