MX Oil, Cornhill, Frangos, Placing Yet Again!

ADVFN BLOGGEROn the 3rd February 2016 I explained why investors should do what the Chief Cornhill Capital Bullshitter & now ex MXO Director Andy Frangos did on MX Oil and run a mile from the POS company; Read Here

The Jan’ 25th 2016 RNS declaring the anonymous ‘white knight’ riding to the rescue with $18Million dollars for their Nigerian asset AJE interest was a monumental coincidence that was so fortuitous even I could smell the bullshit from Manchester.

We eventually learned that the anonymous white knight was a Nigerian Businessman, CEO Joe Obiago of the colourful GEC Petroleum Development Company Limited. Joe’s got to pony up $3.5 Million dollars in 3 days time. 14th March 2016. Obviously Frangos, Olivier et al are so confident of getting their cash that they’re running yet another placing at this very minute today! MX Oil are rumoured to be placing up to £1 Million pounds at 0.5-0.75p depending on who you talk too. Such a fortunate coincidence yet again….. To be holding a placing when you’re getting $3.5 Million dollars on Monday morning chaps? I did email Beachboy Stefan Olivier, he of the ‘write your telephone number on my bicep’ Crass hilarity. (Another story for another day) Sadly Beachboy failed to reply.

The last ‘fortunate’ coincidence ramped their sp over the company share 1p par value. Thus allowing them to get off a survival placing. In the meantime Stefan Olivier (CEO) has had to seek share-holder approval for a ‘share capital reorganisation’ which in effect allows them to issue more confetti whenever they want, the new par value being 0.01p.

What are Olivier, Frangos, Cornhill Capital and MX Oil doing at this very minute? They’re manning the Cornhill Capital telephones trying to raise up to £1,000,000 at 0.75p. It’s yet another desperate attempt to fleece investors. The Cornhill Capital ‘suckers list’ is once again being mined for cash money to line the pockets of the MX Oil bullshitters. Enough is enough! How much cash money has this company in it’s various guises taken from investors since it came to market? Approx. close to $20 Million dollars. Not one single drop of oil has been produced or sold. Snake oil is snake oil whether it comes from Nigeria, Mexico or indeed the Pennines. If you get a call from this mob. Put the phone down immediately and call the Samaritans. You’re on their Suckers List and believe me these corporate jackals will attempt to pick you clean.

So just why are they yet again trying to get away a keep the lights on placing if the white shite oops sorry knight has ridden to their rescue with $18 Million dollars? And the said Joe Obiago of GEC or is it GECD or GPDC See here is all set to give them $3.5 Million dollars on the 14th March 2016? Yes in 3 days time #NigerianJoe has to pony up the cash. Does it foretell that the deal has hit the rocks? A deal that I personally believe was nothing more than a convenient manipulation or to put it bluntly. Bullshit. Will there be a ‘delay’ in the payment?


Roll on Monday








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