Exclusive Market Abuser & self-confessed ‘legal highs’ Drug Dealer Matthew Ben(t) Turney threatens writ!

Drug Dealer Matthew Turney

Market abuser, self confessed ‘legal highs’ Drug Dealer

Exclusive! Market abuser, self confessed ‘legal highs’ DRUG DEALER and failed businesswhimp Matthew Ben(t) Turney the discredited self styled ‘aim investigator’ and current editor of the stinking, sinking shareProhets is to issue an action for defamation against myself.

Apparently he thinks his “professional reputation” has been damaged.  Just quite what profession or reputation the abject failure has is beyond most sane people. Sadly Turney is what I call  ‘A legend in his own mind’ a deluded individual who refuses to admit or take responsibility for his own wrong-doings yet enjoys slinging mud at others then cries like a big baby when it’s thrown back.

The lamentable shareProphets editor and purveyor of ‘Free speech and liberty’ now seeks to silence his detractors using bully boy writs! Chuckle chuckle.

The whisper is that Turney who we exposed HERE for drug dealing psychoactive chemicals and substances to teenagers the length and breadth of the UK over several years, has been seeking legal advice for an action for defamation.

Of course I eagerly await the chance to expose the deceitful market abuser drug dealing Turney (who’s currently under investigation by his own employer)  in the High Courts. Just to give the self-confessed dealer some more ‘evidence’ for his legal team you can read the article in full below. You can also read all about his market abuse by clicking HERE

I personally now challenge Turney! Issue your writ!

You Sir are the lowest of the low.  A coward.



It was a subtle change in name that allowed Drug Dealer Matthew Turney a.k.a Ben Turney to manipulate his way onto the management of Tom Winnifriths’ shareProphets website and UK Investor shows. A Guerillainvesting investigation has uncovered the reason for his reticence to disclose his past business dealings.

Today we expose the disgraceful hypocrisy and appalling truth about ‘Ben Turney’ a charlatan who many aim investors consider to be a manipulative, deceitful and loathsome individual currently trying to portray himself as the ‘Saviour’ and leader of the New World Oil & Gas  (LON:NEW) shareholder group. The farcically named ‘Nwog action group’ Mark II version. (The Mark I, version crashed and burned causing UK shareholders massive financial loss’s).


Self- styled “Aim Investigator” and shareProphets ‘editor’ (No journalistic qualifications needed) liar, ‘Ben Turney’ whose real name is Matthew Turney, and the two companies he formed in 2001 and 2003 to flood the United Kingdom and Europe with ‘legal highs’ drugs! Turney imported and dealt ‘drugs’ such as Ecstasy tablets and ‘Come down pills’. The Ecstasy tabs were pushed to teenagers the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, despite them being deemed unfit for human consumption.

Drug Dealer Matthew Turney

Drug Dealer Matthew Turney changed his name to Ben Turney

Image result for REPHARM CAPS

The”editor” of shareProphets was up to his neck in peddling psychoactive substances i.e poisonous chemicals  ‘euphemistically’ called ‘legal highs’ drugs’ for at least FIVE years! The damage these drugs are causing to families and society is immeasurable. Deaths in the UK are in their hundreds every year! While thousands upon thousands have suffered physical and psychological health problems. It is a horror story, which Matthew Turney (who fled the UK to Stockholm in 2010, leaving behind creditors/liabilities of hundreds of thousands of pounds from twenty seven, yes 27 failed company directorships) thought that his altered name change to ‘Ben Turney’ would conceal. 

It is a shocking story and I warn readers that some of the photos are of a graphic nature.

Repharm Ltd

In 2001 a ‘Matthew Turney’ residing in Manchester formed a company called Repharm Ltd. Company Number 04275971. Documents seen by this website stated that the purpose of Repharm Ltd was “GENERAL TRADING”. This was a lie. The actual purpose of Repharm was to circumvent the 1920 Dangerous Drugs Act. and the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act. UK Drug Laws on supplying CLASS ‘A’ DRUGS in our country are some of the toughest in the world. In 2001 Turney began to import, possess and sell psychoactive substances. Drugs dubbed by the UK main-stream press as “legal highs”.

The drugs were sold and marketed to young people up and down the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. Students, clubbers and vulnerable teenagers were targeted via a sophisticated online campaign. Internet chat rooms were buzzing. Fliers, like his drugs, were distributed outside and inside night clubs, eventually finding their way into pubs, gigs and festivals. The drugs were sold over the counter in Manchester and posted all over the UK and Europe.

Legal highs pic

Psychoactive Substances 

Legal highs Ecstasy, Heroin, Ephedrine, LSD, Cocaine, Crack and Amphetamine are manufactured and altered by chemist’s/pharmacists, usually where regulation is lax or non-existent. China being a favoured country. The operations purpose is to evade regulatory scrutiny such as criminal, legal, ethical and moral issues. Public Health & Safety are the last thing on the mind of a drug dealer/manufacturer. To deliberately produce or import or sell legal highs drugs (to teenagers) that are designed to replicate CLASS ‘A’ DRUGS such as Ecstasy, Heroin, Cocaine, LSD, Crack, Amphetamine, et al. Is quite frankly repugnant. Repharm Ltd stated that they were“Exclusive online stockists of smart drugs” 

In 2002 Drug dealer Matthew Turney a.k.a Ben Turney was telling teenagers that “Whether it be an extra lift when going out or something to ease you back down to reality afterwards, we will provide. Our newest product is Zero,<sic>Its designed to help alleviate the symptoms of a comedown. If you dabble in CLASS  A’s then you’ll understand how harsh the side effects of these can be. Take Zero to lessen the impact. Caps give you enough of a Disco Lift to party the night away”

The Centre for social justice (CSJ) revealed that the number of people in treatment in England for taking legal highs has jumped by 216% over the last five years, rising from 738 in 2009/10 to 2,339 last year. Deaths in England alone were running at 97 in 2014.

CSJ director Christian Guy said: ‘This is yet another wake-up call to the dangers of so-called ‘legal highs’. Legal highs are destroying lives – it is time to get tough on those making a living out of selling them to our children”

Repharm Wholesale Ltd

In September 2003 a Matthew Turney residing in Kent, formed Repharm Wholesale Ltd. In actual fact this was the same Turney residing in Manchester who was attempting to expand his drug empire by setting up a wholesale distribution network. The champagne corks were popping….

Enter Repharm Wholesale Ltd, Company number 4991346. Again Turney lied on company documentation as to the true nature of his business. Turney stated the company was formed “To wholesale lifestyle products to the UK and Europe” in actual fact the nature of Repharm Wholesale Ltd and Repharm Ltd was deliberately covered up. One of the benefits of concealing the true nature of these companies was that Turney applied and got clearance for a Barclay’s Merchant Services account.

I spoke to Barclays whose spokeswoman stated thus; “At no time were Barclays ever aware or made aware by Repharm that the company was importing and distributing legal highs. If Barclay’s had known the true nature of Repharm it would not have approved the account. We work independently and in collaboration and consultation with others in addressing ethical issues of importance, such as climate change and human rights, and engage in dialogue with a range of stakeholders on these and other issues of concern. Barclay’s has a strict moral and ethical code that it rigidly adheres too”

Sean Paul Carnahan died 5 months after using so called legal highs. Another ‘Smart Drugs’ victim…..

We contacted Turney and confronted him about his years of drug dealing and business failures. He was blase  stating that it was “all a matter of public record”. Not so it has taken weeks of intense investigation to unravel Turneys drug dealing past. Hands up those who knew?

Turney admits that he fled the UK in 2010 to “Get his head together” after a disastrous business career involving 27 companies that ALL failed.  The shareProphets ‘editor’ sees no conflict in giving out investment advice after being involved with 27 business failures that were either struck off, dissolved or ended up paying creditors 15p in the pound to settle liabilities. Never mind his drug dealing poisonous chemicals to young vulnerable people!

Turney denied that selling legal highs psychoactive substances to teenagers was drug dealing. He stated that it was  “Legal commerce” with a “Barclays Merchant account”so he could take card payments from an e-commerce website, Turney also claimed that he’d “researched the company” with various statutory and medical bodies prior to launch. I find this a bizarre claim that any statutory or medical body could give the thumbs up to peddling untested chemical poisons to teenagers and at direct odds with ALL statutory and medical advice. In fact it’s another Turney lie aimed at deflecting away from the truth, which is that importing then ‘dealing’ poisonous chemicals that kill and harm young people is beyond the pale.  

Selling for cash psychoactive chemicals unfit for human consumption to teenagers is ethically and morally repugnant. For Turney to believe that his“Thorough research” Is superior to government and statutory medical fact shows an arrogance that is only surpassed by his callous stupidity. Maybe he was ‘High on his own supply’ when he answered our questions? Would Turney, who is a parent himself, feed psychoactive substances to HIS children? It’s apparent that Matthew Turney has no remorse. Some of his email responses to our questions were punctuated with “Chuckle Chuckle” & “LOLz”

The parents, whose two children are pictured above, (two of the 97 deaths in 2014) would no doubt strongly disagree with the likes of the “Chuckle chuckle” Drug Dealer Turneys’ assertion that legal highs drug dealing, which caused their childrens’ death, was “Legal Commerce”

I spoke to Tom Winnifrith last week who was genuinely shocked and appalled that his ‘editor’ had been dealing drugs for years. I agreed to hold off publishing our investigation into Turney’s drug dealing history so Tom could spend his wedding anniversary peacefully. Questions now need to be answered by shareProphets and the UK Investor Show. There ‘editor’ is a drug dealer who was running a nationwide wholesale drug distribution network selling poisonous psychoactive chemicals to young people. The evidence is damning and watertight. Their whole credibility is now on the line.

Daniel Levi

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