New World Oil & Gas. Will it ever return?

Read the next thrilling chapter in the New World Oil & Gas debacle.

Exclusive tomorrow.

Will it ever return? Don’t forget everyone give a big thanks to?

NWOG action group and it’s now ‘resigned’ leader Ben ‘Liar’ Turney. Great to see him putting distance between himself and the disaster he organised.  Or as we call him ‘SafeHouse.’ Apart from the fact that Turney is a bare faced liar and copyright thief he’s now compounded his ineptitude by openly declaring a TR1 notification before the company has officially announced it! Market abuse. Bang to rights! Insider information. Call it what you like.

We are still awaiting the solicitors letter from the Liar. Just how many times do I have to call Turney a ‘Liar’ before he issues his legal threats? Or maybe Turney just likes to attack 78yr old grannies and young girls? The poker player should know that you never disclose your hand right up until the last second.

Maybe he’d like to explain the set of Direct Twitter Messages he sent to a chap asking him to delete his messages telling the chap just how much cash they were all going to make out of the New World Oil & Gas bear squeeze that they were running? Best interests of share-holders? All lies. It was all about making cash. Now everyone is locked in and basically at the whim of the market. Will it ever come back? Let’s hope so.

As you all know I do not read or subscribe to any of the shite from shareProfits so I am some what behind. I received an email today which contained another abhorrent article written by the reprehensible bare faced liar and copyright thief Ben Liar Turney. (The hastily installed fallguy at the sinking shareProfits.  We now know that Tom Winnifrith has thrown in the towel) Once again the barefaced liar attacks yet another lady.  Stefania Barbaglio.  A young girl going about making an honest living in a foreign countryMisogynistic Turney has form for attacking women, most will recall his outrageous attacks and serial malicious FCA complaints upon a 78yr old pensioner, Mrs Judith Ward. Which was exposed HERE in his disastrous  farcically named NWOG action group. Which has left New World Oil & Gas Share-holders locked in to stock yet again losing them millions of pounds.

With Tom Winnifrith now out of the shareProfits picture and the site openly attacking women stats are only going one way and that is down. Misogyny is a big turn off.

We have a saying in the North of England; No women! No kids! What’s the betting that Winnifrith makes a comeback and fires the woman hater for a second time? Even money.






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