Stan Collymore, Rio Ferdinand & some geezer called Karl or Henry!

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I woke up today to find that as per every year I’ve failed to put the clock forward 60 min’s and as per every day there’s yet another twitter spat. Sadly now being the Executive Chairman of Sefton Resources (for those that don’t know) a London Listed AIM oil and gas company, I am some what curtailed in the information and opinions I can write about re’ Sefton. The all seeing AIM eye watches over my every tweet/article.

However that does not stop me from voicing my opinion on the argument between the #gliterattitwitterarti @stanCollymore @Rioferdy5 and @KarlHenry08 ‘Karl who?’ I hear you say. Apparently he plays for QPR.

The argument started after Karl H tweeted #Voteconservative and intimated thus; The message from Labour was clear: “If you do well for yourself, we’ll take it all from you and give it to those who haven’t”. Stan C came back with a barrage of social, economic & righteous reasons as to why the wealthy should give a little bit more thought to the less fortunate but just as important nurses, fireman, road sweepers, fans, biscuit makers et al. You know the ‘little’ people, those of us who get up every morning come rain, shine or snow and do what most of the’legends’ use ‘little’ people for. Cleaning, cooking, school run, laundry, shopping, NOT FORGETTING working ourselves into an early grave because unlike the ‘Legends in their own mind’ we can not employ Nanny’s, Chauffeurs, Cleaners, Cooks, Gardeners, PR Reps, Au Pairs and Tax avoidance advisers. Or send our children to posh schools in Cheshire or the like. Life at the lower end of the ‘wealth system’ keeps us too busy worrying over paying the bills and making ends meet. I digress! Back to the fight. Hmm.. I mean spat.

Karl H then came back with what was a desperate low blow by dragging up Stan C‘s past Ulrika fight. (Enter stage left Rio Ferdinand #Gobshite) It’s an old chestnut but for those of us who know the full story (Collymore was suffering from deep depression, no doubt contemplating  a way off the planet) Stan has made amends by opening up and addressing his own demons.  Human beings have frailties. It takes a big man in the face of righteous public anger to admit that he was wrong, an even bigger man to seek help.

Rio F came into the foray to lift Karl H off the canvas. Rio has a history of sticking his nose in. A move Rio F could well regret

Mr Ferdinand may well be advised to board up his mouth. Stan C has tweeted;

Won’t tag me @rioferdy5? You do know JM ,who we both know is liberal with his mouth about some of your “past”. Pick your battles carefully.

The question now is who is JM? And what has JM (Liberal Mouth) told Stan C re’ Rio F‘s ‘Past’?

Having personally chased Stan, Rio on many an occasion in my ‘other’ paparazzi career I can assure readers that Stan is built like a brick shit house with hands like shovels. Not a man to maliciously upset. But always a gentleman when I got him in the lens cross hairs. Unlike Rio.

Let me tell you some thing Mess’r Henry and Ferdinand. Pissing off Stan is not a good idea. I suggest all apologize and draw a line under the spat. Collymore is a gent he will accept and move on. For all his frailties he is a good guy. In-touch with the real people.

My opinion. Collymore has humility where as the other two lack common sense. It is poor people who are the glue, the mortar, the foundations, the walls and the building blocks of the United Kingdom. Piss them off at your own peril.




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