Anton Kreil is a LIAR!

LIAR Anton Kreil

Self-styled big egos inhabit the City of London and there’s no bigger ego than that of the LIAR Anton Kreil who came on the BMD radar yesterday via twitter. Kreil’s big ego took a battering to such an extent that Anton Kreil resorted to posting abuse, when this failed he began posting lies. The “I’m an ‘ex’-Goldman Sachs trader” was busting his blood vessels in a rearguard action.

The LIAR Kreil’s  oft repeated worn out lines failed to impress, “I’m an “ex GS trader who made £mln’s” has been used more times by the LIAR Kreil than a Bangkok hooker. Mere mortals are supposed to fall at his knees and kiss his arse. Those that don’t are treated to a tirade of abuse. Such pearls of wisdom came my way yesterday. “Fuck off” “You tried to sue people for £1k” “You have fuck all” “I can find out about you in 30 mins” screamed the irate LIAR Kreil.

Sadly for the LIAR Anton Kreil this type of abuse and brow beating may cow most mere mortals but I am not a mere mortal. I am Brokermandan and I don’t take shit from Gobshites such as you Kreil whether it be on twitter or in the street. I do not back down to City of London LIARS such as Kreil. I have over the years exposed conmen, criminals, perverts, fraudulent CEO’s, Directors and Chairmen of London listed company’s as well as liars. Kreil falls into the last category. Anton Kreil is a LIAR. And he knows it. By the time I’ve finished with him so will most of the City of London.

Now let me make myself crystal clear to Anton Kreil, his family, his work colleagues, his solicitor and every single financial institution, broker, analyst, financial journalist and national newspaper. Anton Kreil is a malicious LIAR. I say it again. You are a LIAR Anton Kreil. You have no credibility or integrity in my opinion for posting such deliberate, malicious lies about myself on twitter to thousands upon thousands of people. You have made false accusations that I am “a smallcap trader banned by the FCA for insider trading” “You got done for insider trading, banned by the FCA & still didn’t make $” 100% Lies.

I have never worked as a “broker”. I have never been “banned by the FCA”, And I have never been “Done” for “insider trading”  Just quite where the LIAR Anton Kreil came up with this sack of shit is known only to him. I am a photographic investigative journalist who blogs on financial stocks, mainly in the resource sectors. I run a very small select media outfit.

You deliberately posted lies on twitter. Thinking wrongly that I was some one you could brush away and brow beat.  Your deluded self inflated ego has now been laid bare for all to witness. You are a coward Kreil.  You are a gobshite Kreil.  Even worse a LIAR. People should ask themselves this question when dealing with this LIAR. If Kreil is happy to post blatant lies on twitter to try to win an argument then what the fuck has he been up to in the past?

Anton Kreil is a LIAR. Busted, slam dunk LIAR!

Now as I see it the LIAR  has limited options. Or should I say 1 option

A/ Issue a High Court writ for libel. I’m calling you a LIAR Kreil, I’ve called you a LIAR approx. 20 times.

I doubt that such a  pompous, arrogant #Prick as yourself has any idea of the libel laws.  I could do with a new roof at the Corfu villa. Courtesy of the LIAR Anton Kreil.

Get yourself down to your solicitor and issue a writ otherwise keep your lying mouth closed you gobshite!


Viva el Libel!




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    Cant find all the videos mate could you help me?