UKOG Under starters orders? No they’re off & running!

UKOG. There off and running!

UKOG. There off and running!

“With all due respect Daniel and with extreme politeness I can not make any comments”

David Lenigas. 50 Minutes ago.

Well that really wasn’t the way I expected my interview with the big man to go on United Kingdom Oil & Gas (LON: UKOG)

But I can tell you that when the whole of the Lenigas operation pulls the shutters down (And this is the response I got from every department including Angus Energy) then there’s big news in the Horse Hill and Lidsey field pipelines.

What we do know is that the HH site has seen a lot of activity in recent days. Mr Lenigas refused to confirm that he was on site yesterday. Now as with Sound Oil (LON: SOU) when there’s reports of suits on site the news is imminent. Could be news tomorrow more than likely they’ll leave it till after the weekend. Early next week would be my uneducated guess.

I will update the Members tomorrow with an in-depth look at UKOG.


Dan (Hated by the few but Loved by the Many!)

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