Sefton Resources. Share-Holder Witness’s

Are you a Sefton shareholder? Have ever been a Sefton share-holder? We are currently in the process of taking witness statements from present and previous Sefton share-holders. Please contact

If you are one of the thousands of UK Investors past or present who were suckered into the company through the lies and frauds of Jim Ellerton then you are entitled to make a witness statement for inclusion in our defence evidence bundle. You will not be called to attend. Once agreed it will be entered into the High Court proceedings for inclusion. Further down the line You could be entitled to compensation.

Remember that Ellerton has now been dismissed from Sefton Resources due to his lies and frauds being exposed by myself and Tom Winnifrith in the Gary Dillabaugh debtor trial. (Not forgetting the mountain of evidence previous to Dillabaugh) Ellerton was dismissed by the Sefton board of directors because his position was untenable. This was on the instruction of AIM Regulation who instructed the SER Nomad Allenby Capital that they deemed Ellerton an unfit person to be on the board of a London listed company. It became apparent that Ellerton had either been committing perjury or fraud or both during the Colorado Dillabaugh case/trial. As we here knew last year Ellerton had been at it for years.

The disgraced Ellerton is now attempting to run the company as a Shadow Director. Remember the crook is still being paid hundreds of thousands of your dollars as a “Consultant”. Shocking. Equally shocking is the amount of money Pinsent Masons are billing Sefton, post Ellerton, for two libel trials that they know they can not win.

Pinsent Masons you may remember were the Company Secretary, for years, who quickly jumped ship (Resigned) as the enormity of the Ellerton frauds and lies became apparent. As did Karl Arleth (CEO) and Alex Walters. (PR)

Sefton are at this moment in time suspended and unable to further dilute their own share-holders through the Darwin Death spiral (EFF). Remember that when they come out of suspension they need cash immediately.

It is rumoured on hackers sites that the company are set to announce losses for the 6 months up to June 2013 of over $250,000. Whether this is true or not only the company know. But one thing is for certain. If they post losses then this is the data given to Anne Ovens (Accountant) by the liar Ellerton. So in my opinion the true figure is being masked, it will be higher.

I draw your attention to this line in the 23 Aug’ 2013 RNS “At 30 June 2013 the Company had adequate cash in the bank SIC> according to unaudited management accounts.” Holders of Sefton shares should all ponder exactly what “According to unaudited management accounts” actually means.




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