Sefton Resources Suspended & Good Riddance!

The fiasco that is Sefton Resources reached a new low today with the company suspension from the London AIM. Hooray!

I agree with Winnifrith that this company should have been suspended months ago when Ellerton was being exposed for his deceits, lies and frauds. Todays suspension will see no tears from me. It is yet another vindication of my position that this company couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery let alone exhausted stripper wells. Good Riddance.

Now that it is suspended UK Investors are protected from being beguiled by the Shadow Director Jim Ellerton who sources are indicating is in London conducting Sefton PLC business, from the gopher Michael Greens’ Sefton London Wall office. What is being discussed between Green & Ellerton? Who paid for Ellertons’ flights? Whose paying for his hotel? Whose paying his expenses? Take one guess! Sefton share-holders!

The longer this company remain suspended the better protected are UK Investors. I personally hope that whoever hacked their site/server releases every bit of information each and every time they try to come back from suspension.

I will tell you all this. IF any of the leaked or hacked information is passed to me I will PUBLISH IT ON THIS SITE IMMEDIATELY.  It is in the Public Interest that UK Investors are protected. The sword of Da’n’ocles.

This company has tried to financially ruin myself and Tom Winnifrith as well as ruin reputations with defamation and slander. Ellerton has  lied,  perjured and fleeced UK Investors for years. The sooner the coffin lid is nailed shut on this company the better. The gloves are off!




Daniel Levi

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