Sefton Resources. Libel Trial Update. Hot off the Press!

A quick update on the state of play re’ the Sefton attempt to silence the truth.

As you all know Ellerton has tried (Unsuccessfully) to silence myself and the Internationally respected Mr Tom Winnifrith from exposing the lies, deceits and manipulations going back to their IPO, by issuing libel writs.

I have as a matter of course been in constant contact with the AIM Regulation Team & The FCA on the company. Which is why you will have noted that the ridiculous PV10 cash flows have now been deleted from Sefton RNS’s as well as the “Provisional bopd pre-shrinkage, bottom tank sediment, non-saleable fluids figures” These figures were brought in and trumpeted by Sefton after myself & the World renowned Mr Tom Winnifrith exposed the production lies last year. Ellerton has had to stop issuing them.  We now get the actual figures which is what we should have been getting in the first place. The problem now is that the company have changed tack from monthly production updates to quarterly! Which saves on RNS fees!  Fees? Ah yes.

I can tell you all now that the cost so far to Sefton of issuing two writs & conducting two separate trials is fast approaching £300,000 thousand pounds, which will substantially increase should the trials go over 2/3 days each. I expect my case/trial to be 5/6 days. Just where Jimmy “fill ya pockets” is getting the cash from should become apparent in a day or so. Expect news on the EFF death spiral/placing.

You can see how cash is now critical with the resignation of Arleth (saves a few quid) and Sefton’s attempt to yet again move the goalposts re’ the Hartje water disposal well which was if you believe Ellerton permitted and ready to go hence why they had a placing. Of course we now know that none of this cash was used for what it was raised for.  The Hartje water disposal well has now been shelved, we are told that Sefton are going to use an old well from a neighbouring property!

I am at the Royal courts of Justice on Wednesday 19th June 2013 for a Case Management Conference with Master Eastman. Most of the points have been agreed between myself and Miss Helen Skinner from Pinsent Masons who I must say has in the main conducted herself rather well. (Contrary to a rumour that one of the ADVFN Loons is running the case on behalf of Jimbo).

I have managed to locate some excellent accommodation while in London. (Saving £200) It’s a tad draughty but doorways usually are!

I shall of course update all once the CMC has finished. I may pop in to Mr Winnifriths for a pizza with Helen. The amount of money Pinsent Masons are making I’m sure they wouldn’t begrudge picking up the bill! LOL!


Viva El Revolution!




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