Nostra Terra Oil & Gas. Gastar! We told you so!

Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (LON; NTOG)


Just when will investors realise how good the potential is for Nostra Terra Oil & Gas? (LON: NTOG) Todays news all but confirms exactly what we told the market on 11 April 2013

There was an “Undisclosed Mid-Continent Oil Play (Oil Rush)” happening in and all around Nostra Terras’ Chisholm interests in Kingfisher & Garfield counties Oklahoma. Gastar Exploration Ltd. (NYSE: GST) have basically encircled Nostra and Wards assets. Which todays RNS confirms. You get all the breaking news from BMD before it breaks! This is now a Disclosed Oil Rush.  Gastar didn’t spend, as announced on 1 April 2013, US$85 million dollars on an acquisition as a punt. They know that the oil is there in abundant measures, which it is!

I can not emphasise how good this could be over the next 6/12/18 months. Nostra could be a 10 bagger. They could get to 5p, but in reality 2/3p would seem about right. There is real potential here. Make no mistake Nostra Terra are looking very good.

Nostra are Cash flow positive, in Profit, with Increasing Production which is set to at the very least double to over 250 bopd this year. Quite possibly they could Treble Production. Don’t forget the main fundamental reason which should prick your ears up is this. Nostra Terra Oil & Gas are totally DEBT-FREE. You can not say that about too many company’s listed on AIM!
With a $1.7 million dollar bonus being collected at this very moment in time. The Richfield note further adds to the investment case. The research here is that Richfield assets are now being turned into cash via the collection process in the USA. Remember Chisholm Trail is now confirmed as Prime Oil Real Estate. We just don’t know how high this could go. What we do know is that Lofgran, McCall & Ward are set to announce Chisholm 6. More oil from yet more CT drills almost certain. Increasing production even in times such as these (Tough Global Macroeconomics) equates to an increasing sp.
Here endeth the lesson.



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