Matra Petroleum. Bet On Barskiy!


It’s been a long time coming for genuine holders of Matra Petroleum but at long last patience & perseverance could be about to pay off in a big way.

As we understand it data interpretations of 2D & more importantly 3D seismic have confirmed excellent drilling locations for the proposed A14 well. Investors can also expect an extension/s to the Sokolovskoye licence as it’s thought or whispered that the oil extends further to the West. There’s no doubt that Sokolovskoye is about to finally be conquered by the new Russian management team.

Barskiy is a winner. Oil production should increase by over 1000% on successful drilling of A14. That’s big news but what’s even bigger is that Matra now have an International expansion strategy containing 2p licence targets.

The new “new” management team, who are proven value creators in the Russian oil & gas industry are rumoured to be sat on a plethora of “Good News”. A strategic investor could be in the pipeline. It’s known that Matra are quietly going about increasing reserves with a view to selling this on to a “Strategic Investor” The Barskiy bandwagon is known to be lining up 2p assets in Russia & Venezuela which coincidentally holds 20% of the Worlds’ known oil reserves. Matra have also been looking at opportunities in East Siberia,Timan-Pechora, Yamal & South America in general.

It’s suspected by BMD that the new management team, who it needs to be said, are proven value creators in the Global oil & gas industry may be running a two-pronged strategy at the behest of Barskiy.

Increase Matras’ value & profile by doing what Barskiy is synonymous with. Using his network of Global contacts for success & value creation. This strategy could, depending on the outcome of where Barskiy ends up vis-a-vis TNK-BP ultimately involve Matra being used as a bargaining chip to secure Barskiys’ place at the top table on TNK.

There’s no doubt that Barskiy will succeed in turning Matra into a formidable Russian oil explorer & producer. It is as ever only a question of time. Remember Barskiy took West Siberian from $60 million dollars to just over $4 billion dollars.

This company at the moment represent as close to a racing certainty that their sp is going into double digits. 12p target on A14 drilling/production. Get your slice of the Russian pie and sit tight. News is known to be on the way!

A fantastic opportunity for the private investor stares you in the face. Bet on Barskiy to win this one!


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