Julian Assange, Twitter, Owen Jones & The Man

*A digression from the norm.*

It’s all beginning to go tits up for The Indies Owen Jones the self-styled people’s “Feminist, Socialist, Independent columnist” (his words not mine) has got himself into a twitter pickle with the BMD site & hundreds if not thousands of #Assange followers. Has the Mask slipped?

Last Friday The Independent published Jones’ latest epistle entitled; “There should be no immunity for Julian Assange from these allegations” the article has confounded many of his followers by calling for Assange to suffer extradition to Sweden, without a guarantee of no onward travel to the USA, in light of him being granted Political Asylum. Forgive me Owen but one can’t have immunity from allegations, only charges.

Owen’s inconsistencies & twists on the whole sorry tale sadly lack clarity & objectivity not least his claims that Assange “skipped bail” Assange’s flight to the Ecuadorian Embassy can hardly be described as bail jumping. The man genuinely fears for his life if he goes back to Sweden. The so-called “Double rape” allegations by the Swedish are a twist too far for many. (Sweden actually wants to question Assange for allegedly refusing to wear a condom while having consensual sex with two women.) What’s particularly reprehensible is Jones’s attempt to draw similarities with the Roman Polanski, rape of a 13-year-old child in the US more than 30 years previously.

By Deliberately bandying around emotive words like “Rape” is Jones seeking to curry favour with the Feminist lobby? It’s also adding fuel to a fire that to all intents and purposes has been & is being manipulated by USA/UK security agencies. To think otherwise shows a naivety which only time will cure. With age comes wisdom.

Assange was free to leave Sweden and did so having been told by Swedish authorities that he could go. Fact. To portray him as a bail jumping alleged double rapist is a calumny of the highest order.

Owen quotes legal expert David Allen Green from an article in The New Statesman which basically espouses the following of  “Due Process” & “Legal channels” that Assange has gone down. A well written article that sadly fails to take into account the real politick of how Governments especially those like the USA conduct themselves on the world stage. Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghriab, Kidnap, Torture and Murder are regularly perpetrated. Black prisons, legal loopholes & National security restrictions are just some of the dubious ruses used to obfuscate & confuse. Due process is a sop for woolly headed Liberals it’s used on a subjective basis by the boys (Governments) with a big stick “do as I say not as I do.” If Sweden wanted they could just as easily interview Assange in London or give a guarantee that there would be no onward travel to the USA. Don’t be fooled by the “Due Process” argument, it’s a tactic being used to confuse. The world respected journalist John Pilger describes the allegations as “concocted charges” if Jones ever wants to be spoken of in the same breath as Pilger then he needs to seriously regain his objectivity.

How can a man who hogs the lime-light & likes to be seen as a champion of justice get it so wrong? There are several theories as to how Owen’s stance came to be. Cynics might say that Owen made a judgement call to hide behind the Feminist Lobby which is huge by comparison to the Free Assange Campaign, calling for Assange to face the music is the best way to keep the Feminist Lobby on side & supportive of his ever burgeoning journalistic ambitions. His recent employment by The Indie & his appearance on Any Questions are testament to his ever-increasing media presence, or maybe Owen Jones isn’t all he’s purported to be? After all he’s come a long way from the days of  his WordPress Blog. Could his article have been written with an envious eye?

Wikileaks & Assange did the job that the Western Media including Owen Jones backed away from. They went out & got the evidence then published it; they told the truth to the world exposing Western Governments for what they had been perpetrating; Mass Murder, Kidnap & Torture on an industrial scale. The wholesale slaughter of innocent Muslim men, women & children. Wikileaks ignored the threats, D Notice’s & warnings of dire consequences if they published. They exposed the hypocrisy of the West including the UK Press who regularly suppress news about the Dark side of democracy.

Another theory doing the rounds is Owens attempt to dodge the question I posed to him on twitter last Friday. Have you ever been approached by the UK Security Services regarding recruitment? Jones refused to answer and has actually began blocking  twitter followers who persistently ask the question or disagree with him. So much for Owen Jones the Democrat. The champion of free speech has taken a Thatcherite stance. “Cut off the oxygen of publicity”

It’s day 5 & the question still remains unanswered.

So is it any wonder that some are now beginning to see the Hand of the State directing his pen? By blocking followers asking a legitimate question did Owen Jones let the mask SLIP? Does he work as one twitter follower put it for “The Man?”#OwensaSTATEAGENT?

As the money begins to roll in from his Mediocre musings what Owen Jones fails to realise is that in the age of citizen Journalism/Blogging it’s the ordinary folk that can make or break you.  *Rise like lions from your slumber in unvanquishable number*



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