Matra Petroleum Maxim Barskiy

Can any serious investor afford to ignore Matra Petroleum? It looks & feels like there’s an almighty power struggle going on in Russia with Matra Petroleum’s heir apparent, Maxim Barskiy,  sat right in the middle of it.

Speculation & counter-speculation are running rife in the mind’s eye of the city of London. How did the feisty little tiddler Matra end up in the centre of this massive struggle for pre-eminence? It reads like a James Bond movie. Barskiy leaves TNK-BP in a huff! Takes over a small oiler MTA. Resignations follow from Matra, resignations follow from TNK-BP. Takeover rumours regarding Vetra Group, Russian oligarchs/billionaire shareholders being charmed to buy Spanish oil company Vetra Group with Matra’s Barskiy. The AAR/TNK (Alfa-Access-Renova (AAR) group that represents the tycoons who own 50% of TNK-BP) at war with BP after BP try to seal or steal a deal with Rosneft. You couldn’t write this! Billionaire Mikhail Fridman resigns from TNK-BP (Friend of Maxim) IS HE COMING ON TO THE MATRA BOARD? Rumour is that he may very well be!

There’s one thing for sure Barskiy has assured that Matra Petroleum are on the radar of every brokerage, hedge fund, institution, oligarchs and serious investor this side of the Urals! You can bet your last rouble that even Vladimir Putin has heard of Matra! This is a multi-billion dollar game of brinkmanship being played out before our very eyes. The stakes are high!

Matra Petroleum could be destined for the stars! 3p? 10p? How about 100p?




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