Manchester City V Manchester United. FREE (2) Tickets.

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Well I can’t believe our luck. We’ve just been given 4 free tickets for the Momentus Manchester Derby. Kick off 8pm 30 April 2012

So there’s two Tickets going spare. Two lucky people can attend the BIG MATCH with myself & Nick or Vicki IF Nick cries off, he’s a plastic Geordie now, & it doesn’t get any bigger than this!

Who wants a ticket?

Any Member who wants the tickets will have to email in the answer to this question. When you click on Guardian Stockbrokers Advertisement on our site what is the Landing Message received? Simple really. It begins “Welcome ** ** *** ***** *******”

Email in the answer TO  and we will draw out the winners Friday @ 4.30pm.

By the way don’t be thinking you can win then sell the tickets as all winners will be accompanied by Nick & myself to their seats which are next to ours! Also included; a pie & a pint!

Good Luck


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No Responses

  1. jdobson76 says:

    Dan / Nick,

    What is the email address to use?

  2. It’s in the post. Or at least it should be

  3. struttler says:

    Fingers crossed !

  4. jdobson76 says:

    Looks like Marc769 has given everyone the answer above…!