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Well it’s been  an absolutely fantastic ride so far for holders of Matra petroleum. For those who have stuck through the bad times and managed their holdings the future is looking increasingly bright.  We’ve gone all out trying to source information on Barskiy. In-fact I’ve personally drove Matra Petroleum mad with incessant calls demanding to speak to those on the Board. Persistence pays off as a Mountie will tell you. There’s a chance that Barskiy could be present at the Extra Ordinary General Meeting on the 9th of May next month. This was confirmed to me by Matra Petroleum today although it wasn’t categorically confirmed it was agreed that it was a distinct possibility. Any appearance at the EGM will be picked up by the national financial press and could act as a further driver for the share-price. God knows how high it could be by then?

I spoke to the company this afternoon. Trying to confirm what some of our sources from within the City have been telling us. From what we can gather Maxim Barskiy was first identified by BP as an “outstanding individual with extraordinary abilities.”

It was BP’s Tony Hayward who first identified Barskiy as the outstanding candidate to take over the TNK-BP Mantle this was agreed by the Russian Oil oligarchs from TNK. However in October of last year Barskiy threw in the towel in apparent frustration over delays to his expected appointment as Chief Executive.  Alfa-Access-Renova (AAR), a group of Russian billionaires – in effect the TNK half of the TNK-BP partnership were thought to be wobbling on Barskiy’s strategy of a different type of corporate structure for the partnership.

Barskiy had in effect been groomed for the Chief Executive role by Tony Hayward he had as Hayward had done with his predecessor, John Brown, been understudy shadowing Hayward around for 12 months. I confirmed this today with Matra. I managed to catch Matra off-guard this afternoon. When I asked Matra about Barskiys ability to bring home the bacon their response was very telling “Maxim Barskiy doesn’t do failure”

The Matra deal just didn’t appear over night. It has been judiciously pursued by the Board for at least 6 months; So thinks one of our contacts. Barskiy’s involvement with Matra is worth/equivalent to several thousand barrels of oil per day!

Barskiy’s oil contacts in Russia and beyond are impeccable and it’s thought that his involvement with Matra will focus attention on the company from within Russia. The spot-light is now being firmly focused on Matra from within the city of London and Russia. Matra could become one of the biggest rags to riches oil stories over the next 12 months. Information currently seeping out from Mother Russia? Barskiy’s former WSR friends/colleagues have been buying in to the Matra.

Hold your stock, Sell your stock, Buy your stock. The choice is yours. I’m holding for 10p!



El Daniel

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  1. cox says:

    I don’t think anyone should take a big punt on the reputation of one man especially in Russia. Upset the wrong set over there and anyone can become history!
    Barskiy or Barspiv? Time will tell.

    • I’d have to disagree with you there. Although Russia CAN BE A DIFFICULT PLACE TO DO BUSINESS. It’s Barskiy type characters that help to “oil” the wheels and circumvent problems.