Matra Petroleum. 5p on the way?

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It’s been a fantastic few weeks for Matra Petroleum holders. The news that Matra had after a long chase finally secured the involvement of one of Russia’s big oil hitters certainly took most by surprise.

Barskiy; it needs to be remembered has come over from a very influential position at TNK-BP. His whole history is one of success after success, whether that be in finance or oil. In 2004 he became Managing Director of West Siberian Resources. The group merged with Alliance Oil and its market capitalisation grew from less than US$100 million to US$3 billion. The rise in capitalisation was approx’ 3000%. What’s interesting is that WSR production assets were located in Russia’s Tomsk region, Timano-Pechora and Volga-Urals provinces. (The Urals are Matra’s theatre of operations.) One of the consultant companies on the deal was Morgan Stanley who as luck would have it have helped the Blog from time to time.

I spoke to a former employee of Morgan Stanley on Friday. Her comments were interesting. “Maxim Barskiy’s involvement with Matra will open many doors hitherto closed to small foreign oilers. It will only get better for the company Barskiy is a winner” It’s going to keep rising.

There’s an awful lot of confusion and blatant lies currently being posted online as evidenced by our emails. I’d urge Members to stick to their strategy regardless of whether it’s to sell, derisk or hold. Do not make any decisions based on crude anonymous chatroom comments.

The current position in Orenburg goes well. Oil flowing from A13. Seismic/A14 plans about to progress very quickly once the EGM confirms what we here already know. Maxim will be on the board come the 9th of May. The stock is certainly on a bounce and will continue heading towards 4/5p pre Seismic A14 drill. Do not be fooled. Matra have changed the game. The stock could hit 10p on speculation alone. If you want to research or read  comments then you’d do much better reading comments from informed sources such as the one below.

“Under Maxim Barskiy’s leadership TNK-BP achieved record results in 2010 and continued to grow in 2011. The Company’s effective expansion beyond its traditional markets, namely the successful acquisition of assets in Vietnam and Venezuela and the planned Solimoes project transaction in Brazil, has laid the foundation for TNK-BP’s transformation into an international oil and gas player. These accomplishments were made possible thanks to Maxim’s focused efforts,” said Mikhail Fridman, Executive Chairman of TNK-BP.





PS 10p or Not 10p? That is the question!

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  1. distortion says:

    Thanks Dan.

  2. Petar11980 says:

    sounds great im holding as i bought in quite high but i have always had faith. Viva.

  3. Petar11980 says:

    P.S. Did anyone else notice that Roman Abromovich was wearing a MATRA T-shirt at the Chelsea game the other night?

  4. Petar11980 says:

    …that was a joke by the way…………..!!

  5. Jim Philp says:

    Well Dan I do so hope you are correct as I feel your credibility and future existance as BROKER MAN DANIEL may rely very much on Matra’s performance over the next few weeks. Lets face it if Mr Barskiy hadn’t come along we all may still be wallowing in the depths of despair. How does the old saying go? “You can fool all of the people some of the time” etc etc. I think to many of your eggs were in the one basket with this one and you must now be breathing a big sigh of relief.

    • Matra are just one of many. Yes they’ve come good but they were always destined too. Oil = profit regardless of what anonymous posters post. It’s like trying to stop an avalance with a yodel.