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 It’s with a heavy heart that I write the last post on the Brokermandaniel WordPress Blog. It’s been a terrific ride on the WordPress servers. I must thank WordPress for all their help & professionalism. But most of all I need to thank those who have visited & subscribed to the emails & posted comments. It’s been a fantastic experience & at times exciting.  There’s been some great comments posted I always enjoyed reading them (The clean ones that is!!!). 
I must thank Nick Rezai who has been an enormous help with the moderation on the Blog & Marketing for the new site. Apologies & a bunch of flowers had to go to Vicki  (Student) who helped in 2011 then left after reading some particulary abusive comments. She has forgiven but not forgot. Hopefully we can twist her arm for a return. Suffice it to say that I couldn’t have done it without you the Visitors/Private Investors. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I will post a link next week when the new site launches.

The big gainers over the last two years or so; GKP,Haike, Encore, Xcite, Premier, Avesco, Cadogan, RKH, Matra, Sefton, Chariot Oil & Gas, GCM, Johnson Services Group, Max Petroleum, Range Resources, Oilex, Leni Gas & Oil, Nautical Petroleum, Red Rock Resources, Lansdowne Oil & Gas, Sefton Resources,Europa Oil & Gas, Sirius Minerals, (to name but a few). ALL were written about & ALL rose after being high-lighted on the old Blog regardless of where they now rest in 2012 the above company’s rose over time by 100+% 200+% 300+% 400+% that is FACT. Fortunes were made by some while others failed to derisk & held on while sitting on profits of tens of thousands of pounds ultimately to come crashing down as the Global meltdown hit the Markets.

There were ones that failed to achieve such as the infamous Tower Resources Debacle in 2009 (though even these spiked some months later at 8p!) Roxi hit the buffers when a big investment failed to materialise (BNG) & San Leon just haven’t performed, though I expect that’s more to do with the current Market Meltdown than company performance & we’re still awaiting Ntog to catch fire. Leed Petroleum sank into oblivion & the takeover at Optare stalled then sank

The Blog did warn Investors to stay away from Vernalis, PYC, Provexis, Desire, Oxford Biomedica, Nighthawk Energy, Hot Tuna, Rare Earth Minerals, Sterling Energy & one or two others that escape me. I’m still awaiting Petra Diamonds to catch fire, high-lighted @ 90 odd pence some time ago while Cluff Gold just never got going though they did rise over 25%. Remember that opinion given is only germane to the current market sentiment. There are always imponderables that can surface such as the Uprisings in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen. Tsunamis in the Phillipines & Japan (with Nuclear power station meltdowns), Earthquakes, Floods, Typhoons & the infamous Global Banking crisis that has metamorphosed into a Sovereign Debt crisis.

The most important point for Oil,Gas & Mining companies is that they have to strike out to succeed! Always remember & never forget; nothing in investment is gauranteed until it actually happens. If you are sat on massive profits then use common-sense, DERISK. NEVER BE UNDER ANY ILLUSIONS THE CITY OF LONDON IS AS BENT AS A NINE-BOB NOTE.  I’ll leave you with a trueism I was taught many years ago by an Investor called “Mr Jeffs”  “A pound profit is 10,000 times superior to a £10,000 loss”


“Daniel has left the building!”

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  1. James says:

    All the best Dan.
    Tell Vicki to come back.
    I owe you a drink mate. You’ve helped me realise that it’s all done to researching and making contacts.
    Made a right packet on Nautical thanks to you Haike as well. I’ll be joining you on the “other side”


  2. Michael says:


    I have to say finding your site has been a great find! Everyday I read your artcles/emails and I have come across some great stocks that I have added to my watchlist,researched,invested
    You will always have people who jump without their own research and then place blame elsewhere when they should indeed look at themselves. This game is not for those types. Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose..
    Once again thanks for all your efforts it has been an enjoyable ride and long may it continue!!

    Mike, Ireland

  3. stephen gathergood says:

    I suppose Dan is only human, going in search of bigger profits with the new website, shame I and alot of other people cant afford to come as well,

    Still good luck to DAN and everyone else


  4. andrew says:

    All the best
    hope the new site will be with use soon
    Thanks Andrew

  5. Rnsr80 says:

    Toodle pip! Thanks for taking us along the journey with you. Looking forward to the new chapter.

  6. Dan says:

    Best of luck dan , your info is easily the best on the net . I appreciate all your help

  7. ChrisG says:

    Thanks for the great (first) ride Dan – it has been emotional !

    Good luck with the new site……………and see you on the other side (but please tell us where the other side is………..)


  8. Lt says:

    Let’s hope it’s not the “dark side”. Force and all that!!!

  9. Katy__blue says:


    Thank you for the past good reads. Good luck on your new site.

    All the best

  10. angela says:

    good luck Dan all the best for the new adventure.



    Ps: viva dan

  11. Please try to convince Vicki to ignore anything nasty. Sadly there always seems to be a mindless minority ready to abuse anyone who attempts to help.You do get used to it in time, and eventually to regard it as a compliment. Good luck.

    • Brokerman says:

      Thanks Micheal. I like your site & regulary pop on to it. Maybe we could come up with some form of collaboration in the future?



  12. Jonathon T says:

    Cheerio Dan

    Its been a good blog pal.

    I’;ll be signing up for the new site so long as its monthly payments + under a tenner. Hope youve got chat available.


  13. t drake says:

    never contributed at all before but followed the blog closely…. been a roller coaster at times but i have never seen you holding a gun to anyone’s head.
    all the best.

  14. Thadeus says:

    Thanks Dan
    Good to know instead of ending up you are just starting out,look forward to the new site.
    Good luck Thad