Multi-millionaire to be exposed online in 24 Hours!

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Who is it?

Tune in over the next few days when WE WILL BE PUBLISHING THE DETAILS OF A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE ONLINE NUTCASE FROM BURY (that’s near Manchester) who has been bombarding the blog for over 12 months with disgraceful comments & emails!  Read about his fake online identities, his fake email address’s  his false accounts on London South East, Interactive investor, ADVFN, THIS MAN’S GOT MORE FAKE ID’S THAN “JASON BOURNE” Learn his HOME ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER, ETC ETC. It’s great fun! How did a GRAMMAR SCHOOL BOY FROM Bury END UP BECOMING A COMPLETE AND UTTER CRACKPOT?

We warned this loonertick more times than I care to remember. Judgement Day is fast approaching For Mr Christopher H. I’ll tell you exactly what Nick told you in the last email your seven days are up on Friday. You have 24 hours to email a full apology to the Blog otherwise all your details & activities will be EXPOSED ONLINE ON THIS BLOG!  The moral?  Never cross swords with an investigative Journalist!


Viva the revolution


Daniel L.

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No Responses

  1. Stevie says:

    if any man emailed me such disgusting threats for a year I’d more than hunt him down and publish his details i’d personally knee-cap him. Expose him Dan for the rat that he is.


  2. Jack says:

    Controversial! Dan are you sure this is legally correct? If the man in question has been abusive, why not let the law deal with it? Will still be reading the post on Friday though lol

    • Brokerman says:

      The “law” as you put it our dealing with it. Our solicitors have the file.


      • Jack says:

        Fair enough, I do favour Karma over the Human Rights Act, just wouldn’t want him to have any form of a case. Spill the beans mate

  3. Biggleswick says:

    Give him hell. I hate trolls. They serve no purpose other than to shame their own mother’s uterus.

  4. Distortion says:

    Fascinating! Have seen cyber abuse first hand, not fun. Be interesting to see how this one pans out. GL Dan & colleagues.

  5. Joyce Aydiner says:

    Can’t you show everyone his picture too.

  6. marcus says:

    £800.. things can happen so i hear…may be cheeper up north couple of packets of fags.. dan you should post his detials anyway

  7. sreeni says:

    Jack why wait for the law to deal with him with a high chance of nothing being done , rather deal with him now and let him use the law to deal with Dan, again a high chance of nothing being done 🙂

  8. Joseph says:

    In south africa they throw his type out of hotel windows , saves alot of trouble .

  9. billy says:


  10. KEV says:

    hi dan wonder why a millionaire would not have better things to do but then again why would a tv chef go shoplifting they need help. i live 10 miles from bury shall i go round

    • Brokerman says:

      No. These people think they are invisible. This is a muti-millionaire trader who has behaved in a disgraceful way over a considerable period of time. He is about to get the biggest shock of his life.


  11. angela says:

    I hope is not Berlusconi lol

    have you seen a pump somewhere……..!!!!!!!!!!!