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  1. tsubie says:

    IMO, bashers are out there.

    However, there are many, many more rampers who are FAR more effective at influencing the price of a small cap share momentarily, to sell at the peak, leaving others holding the (overpriced) bag.

    Buying or selling on the advice of online tipsters is a foolish thing to do, you need to research in order to come to your own position on a company.

  2. Ineractive subscriber says:

    Interactive Investor is riddled with them! Also Dan it’s riddled with day-traders such as Hub who ramps stock after he’s bought in Him and his mates are operating a ramping gang. Check out Gracho poster Hubs corporal and second in command they’ve been ramping like mad PCI The guys on there seem to forget the NOT so Hotlist that’s down over 75%.On every single stock he’s picked. It’s a travesty that iii let this crackpot loss on newbies.

    • Brokerman says:

      He’s a day-trader working the Boards to make his margins. There’s nothing new in it. Happens all the time. The hotlist? To pick 10 stocks that ALL fall from day one is quite a feat in its self! Never invest on what this crackpot says. Do as the Blog advises and research your investments.